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101 Dalmatian Hostel in Split [Review]

101 Dalmatian Hostel is a comfortable, fun, and friendly place to stay in Split. What makes this venue unique is its design and concept that represents the region of Dalmatia.

101 Dalmatian Hostel

The 101 Dalmatian hostel, located at 114 Brigade 10, is well connected with the city center with five bus lines running in every couple of minutes during the working days. The area is quiet with a huge hypermarket next to the hostel.

101 Dalmatian Hostel

The building has 19 air-conditioned rooms and 101 beds, with each bed representing an island on the Croatian coast. The fact that each room of six people has a separate bathroom and a toilet was quite surprising. Usually, you get one of each for the entire customers in most of the hostels I have stayed in. Moreover, as we traveled in Croatia pretty much offseason, the hostel was not full and we were the only ones in the room!

101 Dalmatian Hostel

During our stay, we saw housekeepers cleaning and changing the bed linen every day. The hostel is super clean with crystal clear white linen and towels for each bed!

101 Dalmatian Hostel

If you don’t like staying in dorm rooms, the hostel provides private rooms too.

101 Dalmatian Hostel has a cafe and a small garden to have a filling breakfast and kick start your day with energy. The meals and drinks are reasonably priced. For instance, breakfast costs only 30 Kuna = €4 = $4.91. They also serve club sandwich, toast, omelet, and pizza to name just a few.

Another nice touch of the hostel is the common area with a couple of comfortable foam chairs, sofas, big TV, gaming station, laptops and a refrigerator. However, there’s no proper kitchen and you won’t be able to make your own breakfast. Thus, you can easily boil the water for a coffee or a tea.

101 Dalmatian Hostel

The staff at the hostel is very friendly and ready to help you out with every issue you have. They speak English and are eager to explain where to go and what to see in town. You can also ask for the recommendation for the best, less crowded beaches of Split or where to eat delicious local cuisine on a budget.

The hostel is enlisted on Airbnb, and if you sign up with my referral, you can get $25 as a travel credit.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments down below, or connect with me on my social media channels. I will be happy to assist you as much as possible.

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