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Top 3 Resorts in Kakheti, Georgia [Review]

It’s been the only couple of years since resorts in Georgia started to evolve and offer great weekend relaxation time to local and international visitors. Scattered across the country, the variety of choice is wide; so are their features. Here are three resorts in Kakheti, Georgia you might want to consider visiting.

Resorts in Kakheti: Lopota Lake Resort & Spa

The resort lays out around the Lopota Lake, in the valley surrounded by the rims of the Caucasus mountain range. Once there you feel like being in an entirely different time zone.

Only 115 Km away from Tbilisi, the resort boast with a broad range of facilities you can choose from. Outdoor pools are everywhere here, along with very comfortable and modern pool-side furniture. You will find your rooms in the two-floor buildings scattered across the side of the lake.

resorts in Georgia

Additionally, you can rent a bike and cycle around the lake, ride a horse, play tennis or mini golf and enjoy your time at the spa or jacuzzi.

I visited the Lopota Lake Resort in springtime when it was still early to dive in the pool, but warm enough to enjoy the sun and a good read in a cozy sofa overlooking the lake. The tranquility accessed here is all I needed to enjoy my time and thoroughly relax.

resorts in Georgia

The only sad thing here was the cuisine. I am a foodie. I love enjoying my meal, and when I pay a certain amount of money, I expect to have a nice, delicious meal. They might have changed their dining game since my visit. But during my stay, I was not impressed.

Details you would like to know:

  • Price: Starts from 310 GEL ($125) for a two-person standard room including breakfast
  • Location: Village Lopota, Kakheti region
  • Contact: (+995) 322 40 04 00
  • Website

Resorts in Kakheti: Royal Batoni

The palace-like hotel overlooks Ilia’s Lake and is in-between mountains of Kvareli and Duruji River offering panoramic views on all sides.

Located 146 km from Tbilisi, the hotel is a perfect combination of traditional architecture and modern design. The cozy environment created with vintage furniture is what makes Royal Batoni a great getaway from the daily life and overcrowded city.

resorts in Georgia

One of the features that distinguish hotel from others is the infinity pool. Imagine enjoying your morning swim, the sun and a cocktail with gorgeous views over the lake. What else would you want for the weekend?

Besides, the hotel has a small room with table tennis, furball, and billiard together with a couple of gym equipment. Restaurant with the terrace offers traditional meals and Kakhetian wine for your enjoyment.

Oto and I visited the hotel in autumn. The package included three meals and a standard room. Once dropped at the entrance of the hotel, an enormous wooden gate greeted us, similar to those seen in the old movies with castles. Stepping inside was even more attractive – the old Georgian carpets hang out from each floor of the hotel, while circular staircase adorns the lobby. But do not worry, there is a small elevator as well.

resorts in Georgia

The drawback I experienced through my stay here was the cuisine. Even though the hotel offered a somewhat wide variety of meals, they were nothing special and not that tasty as well. Another thing I would have loved to have was a spa or an indoor pool. I wanted to take the benefit of the weekend and unwind completely.

However, we spend the late afternoon in front of the pool sipping Kakhetian red wine and enjoying each others company.

Details you would like to know:

  • Price: Starts from 220 GEL ($88) for a two-person standard room including breakfast
  • Location: Kakheti, Kvareli, Ilia lake
  • Contact: (+995) 595 99 66 11
  • Website 

Resorts in Kakheti: Kvareli Eden

Surrounded by the vineyards, oak trees, and orchards, the Kvareli Eden resort complex boasts by having the Wine Spa. Similarly to Lopota, you are plucked from the everyday life into a peaceful environment. However, it does not offer as many activities as the previous one.

Picture credits: Official Facebook Page

The resort is 153 km away from the capital and what attracts the visitors is its outside pool and unique wine spa. The surrounding area of the resort is green, while massive grape sculpture adorns the central courtyard.

You can enjoy a tennis court, bowling, and billiard. Additionally, families with kids will find Kvareli Eden a great place to spend some time – a spacious kids room is full of entertainment facilities every child would love.

What I loved here was the room decor – burgundy color blanket combined with light rose-printed curtains create a pleasant atmosphere.  And more importantly, I was impressed by the wide variety and delicious meals.

Details you would like to know:

  • Price: Starts from 295 GEL ($118) for ა two people standard room including breakfast
  • Location: Aghmashenebeli str.87a, Kvareli
  • Contact: (+995) 577 600 30
  • Website 

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments down below, or connect with me on my social media channels. I will be happy to assist you as much as possible.

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  • Sol Solntze

    It’s a shame the food was a bit of a let down in a couple of places because the locations look divine! Think I;d have to brave the meals at Lopota Lake because those mountains! Although the idea of the infinity pool does attract, and I agree with you about the rooms at Kvareli Eden.

  • Henry

    These look like some pretty decent places to stay in Georgia. I love the lobby at the Royal Batoni…walking those stairs would be quite the experience!

  • Kathy Marris

    This is a great selection of resorts to stay at in Georgia. I will keep these in mind. There is something very calming about water views.

  • Sara Broers

    It’s too bad the food let you down in the first two resorts you visited. Although it looked like they had some amenities that made up for the not so good food. Finally great food for a foodie at the third resort! I love how you were able to showcase three resorts with something great to offer at each one.

  • Marlies

    I think I want to try out the Royal Batoni one day just to bad the cuisine was a let down.
    When I get to Georgia one day I will definitely check those resorts out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Wanderlust Vegans

    It sounds like overall you enjoyed all the resorts. They look fantastic too. It’s too bad about not liking the food on the first couple resorts but at least you were satisfied with the food at KVARELI EDEN. The resorts seem like they are reasonably priced for the sorts of rooms you are getting and the scenic locations.

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