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Unexpected Things That Blew My Mind in Bangkok

On November 24 we started our Bangkok trip. We checked out of the hostel, took a taxi and in 30 minutes arrived at the airport.

Our flight was departing at 11:50 am, however, once on board we waited for an hour to take off. They never announced the reason. Due to this, we arrived 45 minutes late, at around 5:30 local time.

Similar to Nepal, you need to fill out immigration form stating the purpose of the visit and details of the flight, while tourist police in on hand to help you out if needed, as well as guides you to the passport check. While standing there, I see a sticker with a welcome note both in English and Russian. According to the statistics of last year at Tourist Authority of Thailand Newsroom web page, 1.73 million out of 26.7 million were Russians, placing it as top third after China and Malaysia.

bangkok trip
Riding a tuk-tuk

Next was to get to the Airport Rail located two floors down. We bought tokens for roughly $1.40 per person and headed to the swing gate to insert them in. But we couldn’t find the hole. The lady at the counter tells us to scan it. ‘Weird,’ we say and laugh simultaneously while passing through it.

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The rail station doesn’t look like the usual one I know. When you walk it looks like a hallway; it’s not an open platform and has sliding doors in between the ad covered walls. As we looked like two lost souls, the security lady calls us and says to stop near the yellow line.

bangkok trip
Street food heaven

At the door, I read ‘The train of this platform will be in service after security confirmation by station staff.’ Wow! They even check the train for safety reasons!

The train comes, however, a lady doesn’t let us in yet. People empty it out, and the janitor girl mops the floor within seconds. After it’s clean and tidy, the lady lets us inside. What did we just see??? was our question when we set down and the train left. Compared to Nepal and Georgia, Thailand is a whole new world.

The way to the hostel was long, and we changed to the metro (BTS SkyTrain) and later changed the lines. The metro system is different here when you insert the ticket to swing gate, it marks and gives you back, and when you reach your final destination, you add it back in gates to exit.

Bangkok trip.
Ferry ride

And that day was lost. We were too exhausted to move. Next day we embarked on a walk to touristic places, even though they were far from the hostel.

Bangkok is a perfect place for gastro-tourism and gourmands as street food is part of their culture. You can see little trolleys and stalls in literally every corner of the street. All they need is a little space, 2-3 tables around it and that’s it, the ‘cafe’ is working. And you think they have special place laid out? No, they stand on pedestrians or in the lanes and serve all sorts of food including meat sticks, cut fruits, sweets, freshly squeezed pomegranate or orange juice.

Additionally, it’s a paradise for shopaholics as shopping malls may even exceed the cultural sightseeing spots.

City of 12 million has various types of public transportation such as tuk-tuk, bus, and ferries to arrive at a different destination of the canal.

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  • Ania Travels

    Bangkok is such an interesting city, I really didn’t like it the first time I was there, but the more I kept coming there the more I fell in love with the city. The motor taxis were my absolute favorite means of transportation in Bangkok.

  • Fiona Mai

    So interesting that I also shared some of your first impressions of Bangkok when I first visited this city several years ago 🙂 Yes, it’s a paradise for shoppers and food lovers. I remembered spending hours walking around the street food stalls and tasting all kinds of food that caught my eyes.

  • Audrey

    I’m hoping to tour Thailand next summer and Bangkok is for sure on my list! I have never been so i wasn’t sure what to expect but this gave me a perspective.

  • Elena

    I hate the fact that I cannot make anything the first day I arrive to a place, but the travelling to get there exhaust you, so you cannot change anything about it.

  • Kate

    Seems like a good intro to Bangkok. I’ve always been a little intimidated by Bangkok so, I haven’t even though about going. From your experience it sounded like it was easy to get help if needed?

  • Teresa

    I love Bangkok, and you’ve just reminded me why. Such a city full of contrasts and exciting things happening all the time! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Adrenaline Romance

    I think the street food would definitely be a must-try for us. We are fans of street food, especially the strange ones. Anyway, experiences like yours are really a part of traveling and visiting other countries. Part of immersing in the culture.

  • Oursweetadventures

    Very interesting metro system they have. I have never seen any metro system get cleaned in the middle of the day. I want to try the food vendors as I have read so much about them already.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    Bangkok is a vibrant and pulsating city. The food scene is really very happening and the markets, many of them which are night markets are really havens for shoppers. We spent a week in Thailand and a couple of days exploring Bangkok and loved the experience.

  • jitaditya

    I guess coming from a well-organized, western city, all the chaos and crowd must have been a shock. At the same time, coming from India, I guess it will be very easy for me in Bangkok.

  • Baia

    I am not coning from a well-organized western country, I am from Georgia. Bangkok was far more developed for me in many ways than in my own country

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