There are dozens of airline ticket search platforms on the internet nowadays. And all of them help you find the ticket tailored to your needs. Skyscanner is one of many sites I use to find cheap flights, mix and match or to compare prices. Yes, every platform has a different price on the same ticket. I don’t like buying a ticket and then finding a better deal somewhere else. So I make sure I do my homework and research it before making my final decision.

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There are many reasons I like Skyscanner. It has some pretty impressive features that help you find the cheap flights to any destination in the world. And I am going to show them all.

REMEMBER: Always search with your Incognito Tab

Tips to Find Cheap Flights on Skyscanner

When I plan a trip, I like to see what my options are regarding destinations. I don’t want to write a city or a country each time I want to see how much a ticket cost. So there is one great feature on Skyscanner:

Search ‘Everywhere.’

When you put your ‘From’ city and don’t know where you want to go, search Everywhere’ gives you all the possible destinations from your town with the lowest price possible.

You can then add your departure and return dates if you are not flexible with your dates or search for the cheapest option. This leads us to tip #2:

Sort By ‘Cheapest Month.’

Okay, so what if you know your destination but don’t know the exact dates you want to travel. This is where search by ‘Cheapest Month’ comes in handy. Once you click the date section, you can sort your flights according to cheapest months.

If you know which month you want to visit your destination, but are flexible with the dates, search by ‘Whole Month.’ This shows you on which dates you can find the lowest price on airline tickets.

Set Up Price Alerts

cheap flights

Now you found the destination and price of a ticket. But what if you are not ready to purchase it or still to undecided? Price Alerts are for this. You get email notifications on chosen dates and destination. It shows when prices on certain dates go up or down.

Download the Mobile App

Skyscanner has an app you can download to your mobile if you want to search for flights on the go. Plus you can set those price alerts here and be notified right away when prices change.

If you found this tips helpful, drop a comment down below. Teaching someone new tips makes me happy ❤

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  1. oh man i used to use this ALL the time! I would always start with Google Flight then double check on Skyscanner then back to Google Flights! these are such helpful tips! Thanks so much!

  2. I love Skyscanner I always use it. It is excellent if you have flexibility. I love comparing the prices on Skyscanner with other places like Momondo and Kayak, Skyscanner usually shows the cheapest and best option 😀 This is a great guide for people who are not so familiar with it 🙂

  3. This is just what we needed. We use skyscanner but have never been able to utilize it to its max potential. Icognito mode is a monster tip — the rest, too. Thanks for filling in the blanks


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