27 Georgian Travel Bloggers You Need to Follow on Instagram

Travel blogging is still a new thing in Georgia. However, those who’d love to share their love of the country, do emerge every day like mushrooms after a rainy day. Some of them do have active blogs, while some promote Georgia and other countries they travel to through their Instagram profiles. And in order to inspire you to visit this tiny country, I present some of the best Georgian travel bloggers with their amazing Instagram profiles.

Georgian travel bloggers and photographers to follow on Instagram

Instagram is a great tool to get travel inspiration from. When planning my travels in any country, I love to look at some of the profiles of travel bloggers to get inspiration and find some of the unique places in that country. While there is a limited number of Georgian travel bloggers, I still managed to find some. However, some of them are not entirely travel bloggers, they have very interesting travel accounts on Instagram showcasing their travels both in Georgia and elsewhere. The list includes not only bloggers but travel photographers as well.

1. Anna Margalitadze

Lawyer by profession, Anna shares interesting, unique and Insta-worthy places mainly around Tbilisi, but also tries to promote other destinations across the country.

2. Tornike Psuturi

Tornike is a hiking guide offering various tours in the mountains of Georgia, including colorful lakes of Abudelauri, Dashbashi Canyon, Tusheti, Svaneti, and Birtvisi to name just a few.

3. Theona Gujejiani

Theona is a nature lover and a photographer who shares some of the best places to visit in Georgia. Her photos will inspire you to explore Georgia’s ski resorts, canyons, and remote villages among others.

4. Oto Nikuradze

Oto is a filmmaker who creates gorgeous short videos promoting Georgia and other destinations through his YouTube Channel. His Instagram profile is dominated by breathtaking pictures of various natural landscapes of Georgia.

5. Levan Velijanashvili

Levan is a travel photographer and adventurer who’s Instagram profile is full of photos promoting Georgia as an extreme adventure tourism destination.

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For us, that is freedom.

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6. Giorgi Janikashvili

Giorgi is a mobile photographer posting various genre photos, including architecture, nature, animals, cafe exteriors, and pretty much anything he finds interesting to share.

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Waves in the sky 🌊🌌 #shotononeplus

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7. Nick Bakradze

He is another mobile photographer, who shares his love of Tbilisi through photographing narrow streets of the capital and showcasing its urban development, along with natural and architectural landscapes.

8. Ani Eliashvili

Ani is a marketing specialist living in Tbilisi, who just like any others in this list loves traveling and exploring new places not only in Georgia, but in the rest of the world. She believes that photos are the best media to keep the memories alive and tries to show others the beauty of the places through her photos.

9. Anano Totiauri

Anano, one of the Georgian travel bloggers, who is doing a Masters Degree on International Law in Groningen, Netherlands, currently shares breathtaking photos of this small student city with her followers. Occasionally, she travels to other European cities and shares her tips for those planning on visiting that particular country or city.

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(🇬🇪👇) PRAGUE'S BEST LOCATION TIP👇 _ Do i look like a person who drinks coffee at Starbucks? Well.. no.. but i visited Starbucks at Prague castle in order to take this picture😂 _ U can easily notice this place by people queuing in lines and disturbing other people who really wanted to drink coffee😂 But still.. look at this and tell me it was not worth it! _ 📍 Location tip: exact location is Pražský Hrad, Kajetánka, Hradčanské nám., 118 00 Malá Strana, Czechia. But just find Prague castle and there is Starbucks. Dats all. _ SAVE this post for your next trip📸 _ 🇬🇪 პრაღაში გადაღებული სურათებიდან ეს ყველაზე მეტად მომწონს. იმის მიუხედავად, რომ მეორე დღეს სპეციალურად დავბრუნდი, რომ ახალი ფოტო გადამეღო (ეს არ მომეწონა საკმარისად) მაინც ამას ვდებ😂 _ სტარბაქსი ხომ ყველა ფეხის ნაბიჯზეა გახსნილი ყველგან, მაგრამ ეს ადგილი ძალიან "გაარტყეს". უამრავი ადამიანი მოდის, რომ ამ ხედით დატკბეს და მათი მარწყვიანი ლატე ბევრი ნაყინით და შოკოლადის მუსით დალიოს😂 (არ ვიცი,ეგეთი რამე საერთოდ თუ არსებობს). _ მოკლედ, ეგ არ ვიცი, მაგრამ აუცილებლად ესტუმრეთ ამ ადგილს, თუ ოდესმე პრაღაში მოხვდებით. მერწმუნეთ, გადასარევი სურათები გამოგივათ😎 _ 📍მისამართი: Pražský Hrad, Kajetánka, Hradčanské nám., 118 00 Malá Strana, Czechia. შეგიძლიათ ბევრი არ იწვალოთ, პრაღის კოშკთან რომ მოხვდებით იქვეა. _ 📸 შეინახეთ პოსტი შემდეგი სტუმრობისთვის💛 #ananoinczechia _ #amazingviews #beautifulviews #beautifulplacesonearth #beautifulphotography #beautifultoday #beautifulshare #sunriselover #greatviews #praguephoto #pragueworld #praguecastle #toppraguephoto #praguelife #pragueview #czech_vibes #travelbloggervibes #traveleverywhere #travelbook #travelbucketlist #darlingtravels #girlwhotravels #travelgirlstyle #ქართველიბლოგერი

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10. Liza Katsiashvili

Currently living and studying in Milan, Italy, Liza mainly travels to Asian and South American countries and showcases the beauty of those worlds through her Instagram profile. Her dream destination is Australia.

11. Mariam Kajilashvili

Mariam currently lives in Baku, Azerbaijan and shares her everyday photos from this “country of fire” to her audience.

12. Tatuka Dalakishvili

Tatuka, the owner of Pikopedia Blog, is another Georgian travel blogger sharing her travel experiences not only in Georgia but elsewhere she travels to. Her Instagram profile is full of photos and tips of Spain, Greece, and Italy to name a few.


13. Natty Chaladze

Natty is another travel blogger and owner of Lilium Blog Instagram and Facebook page. Her Instagram profile is dominated mainly by photos of various European countries, including Sweden, France, Montenegro, and Portugal to name a few. Apart from this, she also posts photos of her travels throughout Georgia.

14. Mirian Tedoradze

Mirian works at Hiking Club YETI and shares splendid photos of his travels through Georgia on his Instagram profile.

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Guria – Georgia 😍

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15. Soso Nebieridze

If you’d like to travel around the world through beautiful pictures, Soso makes this possible through his Instagram profile. He has traveled to 32 countries including Japan, China, Malaysia, Cuba, Colombia, and Indonesia to name a few.

16. Nicolo Malvestuto

Through his Instagram profile, Nicolo shows some of the gorgeous architectural landmarks of Tbilisi.

17. Travel With Us

Travel With Us is a YouTube travel channel ran by a couple, Giorgi and Mariam. Their Instagram page is devoted to their travels both in Georgia and abroad.

18. Elene Karenashvili

Elene is an artist, photographer, and a founder of Ellie Handmade accessories who also share a passion for travel among others on this list. Apart from travel photos, her Instagram profile displays her everyday life in Tbilisi.

19. Mariam Karbaia

Mariam leaves in Malaga, Spain and inspires travelers to come to this beautiful town of southern Spain through her awesome photos. Despite this, she shares photos from her travels to other European cities too.

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Fall in love with moments☀️💛

A post shared by Mariam Karbaia (@mariam_karbaia) on

20. Lana Kirkitadze

Lana is another Georgian student at Groningen University in Netherlands together with Anano. Her profile showcases cityscapes of Groningen and other destiantions they travel together.

21. Guram Sherozia

Apart from being a travel blogger, Guram is a lecturer and marketing and PR consultant who has traveled across 74 countries. His Instagram page is dominated by beautiful pictures of the countries he traveled to, including Azerbaijan, Turkey, Cambodia, Thailand, Brazil, and many more.

22. Sali Mamutchadze

Currently living in London, Sali shows a very colorful, airy, and gorgeous side of UK’s capital town, along with other cities she travels to.

23. Tai Dundua

If you are looking for breathtaking natural landscapes of Georgia, follow Tai. A photographer by profession and an enthusiast hiker, she has traveled to almost anywhere in Georgia. Her Instagram photos are absolutely mindblowing!

24. Zura Gelashvili

Zura is another travel blogger and owner of Mogzauri Me (Traveler Me) blog. He has traveled to 26 countries across the world and documents his travels on his Instagram page

25. Mery Osepashvili

Mery is a travel and lifestyle photographer documenting mostly landscapes of Tbilisi and the rest of the country. You can also find photos from her travels to various countries.

26. Gzashi – On the Road

Gzashi is a travel blog run by a couple, Mancho and Giorgi, who currently live in Estonia. Through their blog and Instagram profile, they share landscape and cityscape photos of the countries they travel to.

27. Me – Baia Dzagnidze 🙂

And the last one, me 🙂 As you might know already, I am a travel writer and owner of this blog. My Instagram profile is mostly dominated by the countries I travel to but occasionally includes local tips and tricks for those who are planning to a trip to Georgia.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments down below, or connect with me on my social media channels. I will be happy to assist you as much as possible.

Happy Travels! 

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