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La Boheme – Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine

Tbilisi has its fair share of restaurants serving international cuisine. Here, you can easily find Asian, Chinese, Russian, Lebanese, and Japanese restaurants, but until October last year, there was none which focused only on the Mediterranean. Yes, there are venues that serve some of the meals from the cuisine, but none of them were oriented in it.

La Boheme restaurant, located at Abashidze str. might look fancy and expensive from the outside, but don’t let the looks deceive you. The design is fancy, with flower decorations all over the place, but it’s not expensive. The prices here are on average and worth every penny!

What makes La Boheme so special?

The venue is a multi-functional lounge and a restaurant offering a wide range of delicious Mediterranean cuisine with a twist of being as healthy as possible – there’s no mayo in Caesar Salad or cream in Pastas, and some of their cakes are flourless.

Meals here are authentic and not fusion, therefore, you’ll get the same dish as you’d do in Spain, Lebanon or Italy for instance. The ingredients used in the meals are seasonal and local.

Led by an international team, with Australian owner Edgar Hyder, La Boheme takes hospitality service in Tbilisi to a next level. Lela Grzybowska, PR and Marketing Manager tells me that they train the staff for five months in order to have international standard service. All of the staff members speak Georgia, English, and Russian, while some even communicate in Arabic.

In addition to yummy meals, La Boheme boasts with a wide variety of cocktails made from fresh fruits. And some of their signature drink is Zesty Martini and Eshmaki Martini, or Devil Martini in English. Those of you who like a bit kick of spice in the cocktails, would definitely like latter.

However, if you are not a cocktail lover, they have a wine menu together with other alcoholic beverages. And as Lela told me, they’ll have a sommelier soon to expand the menu and help you pair your wine and meal.

Restaurant La Boheme is a great place for lunch, business or romantic dinner, and a late evening gettogether. The venue offers live music performances every Friday and Saturday, while resident DJ takes a stand at the lounge from Wednesday to Sunday.

A quick look at the menu

Dip sampler appetizer with four different cold dips served with homemade pita bread18₾ = $7.38 = €5.97

The sampler included baba ganoush – a smoky eggplant dip, classic hummus, classic Tzatziki with homemade local yogurt, and pink arajiani – a roasted beetroot dip with sour cream.

Chicken Caesar Salad with quail eggs and homemade Caesar Dressing – 12₾ = $4.95 = €3.98

Chicken in the salad was perfectly fried with zaatar crust. It had a fresh and light taste.

Grilled Tiger Shrimps with spicy peri peri sauce  – 14₾ = $5.78 = €4.63

Lamb Tagine served with small bowls of saffron potatoes, squash, and couscous – 24₾ = $9.85 = €7.96

We, Georgians, don’t like lamb meat for many reasons, and the only local dish we have is chakapuli. To be honest, I didn’t like it either for a long time until I tried a properly made lamb dish in Turkey. Oh boy, we are missing a lot!

This lamb tagine was cooked perfectly, the meat was soft and melted right in the mouth, no much chewing necessary 🙂 The sauce was well seasoned with cumin, coriander, and ginger.

Flourless Chocolate Lava Cake – 12₾ = $4.95 = €3.98 and Lavander Panna Cotta with Passion Fruit Sauce – 10₾ = $4.10 = €3.33

Both of the desserts were super delicious. The lava cake was served with berry ice cream and made a perfect combination. While Panna Cotta tasted very fresh, with a right balance of sweet and sour.

The bottom line

Restaurant La Boheme does serve what it says. The meals are well portioned, healthy, and DELICIOUS! Unlike many restaurants in Tbilisi, the service here is of high quality were each waiter is happy to assist you with choosing the meal or explaining what it is.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments down below, or connect with me on my social media channels. I will be happy to assist you as much as possible.

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  • Lynne Sarao

    What a fun looking restaurant! The interior is beautiful. I really love that chandelier! And the food looks incredible. I’m not sure I’d get past the mezze. I’d want to try all the different types of dips!

  • Rachelle

    I love trying out different cuisines and discovering new favorite dishes. La Boheme sounds like a place I’d love to try out a few times so I don’t seem like a fatty for ordering a bunch of dishes all in one sitting. 🙂 I love the fact that the staff are so well trained before they begin working. It’s hard to find people like that in the US and who are so multi-lingual!

  • Susan

    I love Mediterranean food so was drooling just reading about La Boheme. The lamb tagine looks so delicious! I definitely would’ve thought this place was pricey, but the prices you shared are SO reasonable. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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