Lumbini Nepal Birthplace of buddha

Lumbini, Nepal: Birthplace of Buddha

How we got to Lumbini is a long story of unsuccessful road trips, and I won’t bore you with it. The more important thing was that we were celebrating our birthday at the birthplace of Buddha. Such a great coincidence!

And yes, you read it right; Mariam and I are born on the same day and year (13.11.1987). The village itself is least attractive from all we saw;. The puddle surrounds the area. As a result, there are lots of flies and mosquitoes. I have never seen so many flies in my life, that I saw here. They simply didn’t let us eat peacefully.

Birthplace of Buddha

Listed as UNESCO World Heritage site, Lumbini is a Buddhist pilgrimage plot boasting with the exact spot of Buddha’s birth.

Lumbini, Nepal: Birthplace of Buddha

Lumbini Nepal Birthplace of buddhaVisiting the Sacred Garden

It is the main attraction of the village. It spreads over 2.56 sq km and bears all the treasures. Inscription on Ashoka Pillar identifies the site as the birthplace. However, the excavations of 1996 at Queen Mayadevi Temple, discovered a piece of stone depicting the exact spot of the birth. Pushkarni is the sacred pool where the Queen took a holy bath before her labor.

Lumbini Nepal Birthplace of buddha

Five Buddist Precepts

  • I observe refraining from, killing any living beings.
  • I observe refraining from, taking what doesn’t the owner not give.
  • I observe refraining from, committing sexual misconduct.
  • I observe refraining from, telling lies.
  • I observe refraining from, taking any intoxicant or drug.

At the Central Canal, located at the center of the holy area, we saw a stupa at the far end so decided to embark on a long walk (approximately 3 km). When we got at the end, we saw a sign ‘Thank you for a visit’ and stupa was outside of the area. Damn it!

Birthplace of Buddha
Queen Mayadevi Temple

While circling, a group of kids entered the park. As they saw us, they ran, surrounded us, shook hands, asked our names and country of origin.

One of the boys asks me to take a picture with him. I kneeled to his level and smiled at the oldest, extensible model of Samsung which mainly had lost its color. The next second, I realize all of them surround me wanting to join the fun. Such a cuties!

The area also has many various monasteries. As it turns out, with the global initiative to promote Lumbini as a center of world peace, many countries have built monasteries including Vietnam, Mongolia, Austria, Korea, China, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

As a result of my visit, I found my new religion here!

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