Where to Stay in Malaysia

Sandy beaches, mountain hideaways and chic hotels with all the mod cons–Malaysian countries deserve the top spot on anybody’s travel bucket list. 

This Asian continent is brimming with beautiful spots and culture to make for an incredible vacation spot. With countries such as Thailand and Vietnam increasing in popularity, it’s easy to see how beautiful these places can be to stay. 

With a variety of places offering the opportunity to rest and unwind after a day exploring the surroundings, here are some of the top places to visit in Malaysia. 

In Penang Island 

Penang, known as the Pearl of Orient in Malaysia, is filled with aspects of old and new cultural traditions. Penang is one of the few places in Malaysia that works to preserve the history and architecture of the past while allowing for the modernity of the 21st-century world.

This will be a laid back vacation, taking in the culture and absorbing the beautiful surroundings. 


A cluster of traditional Thai rice barns have now been beautifully converted and can now offer its visitors a house for rent with modern comforts while still staying true its traditional charms. 

Malihom translates as ‘Village of the fragrant rice’ after the traditional Thai favorite dish. Each barn within the village is uniquely named, offering 8 barns for rent–each with its own unique character and luxuriously positioned bathrooms out on the deck. 

Definitely, a must-stay place if you’re after a luxurious modern fusion with Thai tradition overlooking the gorgeous Forests. 

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa

When looking for a more luxurious place to rest after a day of exploring the surroundings, there’s no better place than Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa. It has it all, waterside, views of the mountains, and trees, as well as beautiful rooms overlooking these. 

Offering a sense of history, place, and solid tradition with its distinctive Minangkabau architecture housing Malaysian cultural artifacts.

Traditional jewelry,  coral sculptures, batik-printing, and other signature items are artistically arranged in the prolific Malaysian kitchen. 

After a day of learning about local culture, relax and unwind with a spa treatment or 2– it would be rude not to! 

The Caves and Forests Of Sarawak 

Some people’s idea of a true vacation is to switch off, unplug and become immersed in the natural surroundings this earth has to offer. Sarawak is the place to do it.

Home to the third-largest island in the world– Borneo, and to some of the most diverse rainforests on the planet, Sarawak is the habitat of some unique forms of wildlife and plants.

Trek through national parks, making friends with Orangutans, or finding your way away from the concrete jungle, Sarawak is another of Malaysia’s hidden gems. 

To experience the best of Sarawak- stay in one of these resorts 

Batang Ai Longhouse Resort 

At the edge of some of Malaysia’s most incredible rainforests and managed by Hilton, Batang Ai Longhouse is on the island of Borneo, and the perfect location for a truly relaxing break away from it all. 

Only a two-hour boat ride away from the Batang Ai National Park, this resort is surrounded but its very own expanse of jungle.

Spend time cooling down the outdoor swimming pool, relax by the bar, or enjoy a game of tennis on its own asphalt tennis courts. 

A definite place to renew an appreciation for nature and taking the time out to relax. 

Sematan Palm Beach Resorts 

For less luxurious accommodation, but with no limitations when it comes to being surrounded by long, golden sandy beaches, Sematan Palm Beach Resorts is the place to go. 

Just a 90-minute drive from Kuching, it is the perfect place for a short and adventure-filled vacation. Sematan is a small fishing village situated in the far west tip of Sarawak, and a short distance to the border Kalimantan (Indonesia)-Sarawak. 

Having opened in 2004, this resort is loved for its proximity to the large stretch of clean, sandy beaches–offering a beautiful view that will eliminate anxieties and place all worries at the door. 

The Ranee

An exclusive, 24-room boutique-style hotel situated in the center of Old Town Kuching. It has been stylishly renovated from two traditional 19th-century shophouses, adapting to modern plush comfort standards. 

What’s unique about this resort is the individual charm of each of the rooms or suites, offering their own bespoke features to express its charm, character, and individuality.

A first glance at the Ranee will show the enchantment of the old and new fusion- inspired by Sarawak’s rich heritage of colonialism and other ethnic cultures.

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