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    101 Dalmatian Hostel in Split [Review]

    101 Dalmatian Hostel is a comfortable, fun, and friendly place to stay in Split. What makes this venue unique is its design and concept that represents the region of Dalmatia. The 101 Dalmatian hostel, located at 114 Brigade 10, is well connected with the city center with five bus lines running in every couple of minutes during the working days. The area is quiet with a huge hypermarket next to the hostel. The building has 19 air-conditioned rooms and 101 beds, with each bed representing an island on the Croatian coast. The fact that each room of six people has a separate bathroom and a toilet was quite surprising. Usually, you get…

  • Georgia,  Restaurants,  Review

    La Boheme – Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine

    Tbilisi has its fair share of restaurants serving international cuisine. Here, you can easily find Asian, Chinese, Russian, Lebanese, and Japanese restaurants, but until October last year, there was none which focused only on the Mediterranean. Yes, there are venues that serve some of the meals from the cuisine, but none of them were oriented in it. La Boheme restaurant, located at Abashidze str. might look fancy and expensive from the outside, but don’t let the looks deceive you. The design is fancy, with flower decorations all over the place, but it’s not expensive. The prices here are on average and worth every penny! What makes La Boheme so special? The venue is a…

  • Africa,  Guest Post

    What to See in Marrakech: 9 Sites under $5!

    I visited Marrakech in Morocco as a solo traveler and found that it was very affordable. The old city of Marrakech is known as the Medina. Many of the buildings are older, many of the streets are narrower but you’ll also find that it is affordable and you get to be surrounded by culture. Get a hotel or riad deep in the Medina and the 9 sites below will all be within walking distance. In total, touring all 9 of these historical sites costs about $21. If you’re thinking about a trip to Morocco, visit Amber’s Compass for recommendations on where to stay, camel rides, and to learn all about safety…

  • Croatia

    Exploring the Small Town Trogir in Croatia

    Trogir, a historic harbor town on Dalmatian coast is one of the most beautiful small towns we have visiting in Croatia. This UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe makes a great day trip from Split. There aren’t many things to do in Trogir, but the beauty of it attracts many visitors. Hidden on a tiny island guarded by medieval walls, Trogir is a great place to get away from crowded cities and wander through its narrow cobblestone streets. Top Things to do in Trogir One day is more than enough to explore the city, however, as our initial itinerary didn’t go as…

  • street art in Montreal, Canada
    Canada,  Guest Post

    Enjoy the Street Art in Montreal, Canada

    In Montreal, you don’t need to search for hidden alleys or rooftops to catch urban art, in fact, it is the contrary. The city has become a hub for graffiti, murals, and urban art. Luckily, to admire these you don’t need to pay an expensive ticket to a site, these are free and are scattered through the different neighbors. It seems that almost every building and walls are decorated with gigantic works of art giving a vibrant and colorful personality to the city. To check out more of Montreal posts, make sure to visit Melanie’s blog The Saint-Laurent Boulevard, one of Montreal’s busiest street, is where you will find the…

  • Things to do in Split

    Top 8 Things to Do in Split, Croatia

    Lying on the shore of Adriatic Sea, Split the second-largest city of Croatia boasting with historical sights that date back to the ancient times. Some of the best things to do in Split is to wander through the streets of old town, sit by the shore on a sunny day and explore the markets to name a few. We stayed for two days, and it was more than enough for exploring the city. However, depending on what you would like to do in and around Split, you might want to stay longer. This post will give you a bit of an idea how to plan your visit to the city and…

  • things to do in Fort Worth Texas
    Guest Post,  USA

    Top 8 Cheap and Free Things to Do in Fort Worth, Texas

    When you think of Fort Worth, Texas, visions of cowboys and horses probably instantly appear in your mind. I mean, Fort Worth is the wild west, right? Well, not really!  While you can see some of that, the true Fort Worth of today isn’t carved straight out of an old western. Fort Worth is actually one of the top destinations in the state of Texas, and rightfully so. Fort Worth is full of world-class museums, dance halls, awesome parks, and wonderful food. It’s worth noting that all of that excitement can easily break the bank if you aren’t careful. So, to help stretch your travel dollar, I have put together…

  • Free things to do in Riga
    Guest Post,  Latvia

    Free Things to Do in Riga, Latvia

    After spending a little longer than planned in Riga – I realized very quickly I had fallen in love with the city and it became my favorite of the Baltic capitals. Arriving in early summer we were lucky enough to get the first of the good weather in Latvia and knew that this would only make our exploration of Riga more enjoyable. Interested in free things to do in Riga? Keep on reading! The towering church spires, stone streets of the old town and the infectious cafe culture that radiates the central Old Town have left fond lasting impressions of my time in Riga. But, a budget can be an…

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    Travel Hack: How to plan a trip on TripHobo

    Trip planning involves a lot of struggle with excel sheets, multiple websites that offer the best listings for accommodation and a lot of back-n-forth with various travel guides for actual end-to-end itinerary planning. When planning a trip for a longer duration or multiple countries especially, this gets super tricky and intricate. To make most of any trips, most of us are super anxious to make sure that we don’t miss out on anything while planning the trip. TripHobo is one trip planning tool that can be used to plan any travel. One of the best things about this website is that it allows the users to integrate entire trip plan,…

  • island hopping in croatia

    Your Ultimate Guide to Island Hopping in Croatia

    Croatia is home to some of the most enchanting islands. There are more than 1000 islands most of which are tiny and uninhabited. To see the most of those picturesque landscapes, island hopping in Croatia is one of the best ways to explore, relax, and sunbath. Therefore, here’s your ultimate guide to best Croatian islands we visited on your recent trip to the country. As our trip started from Dubrovnik, our island hopping begun from the islands near this jewel of Adriatic Sea. Island Hopping in Croatia: LOKRUM Being one of the world’s seven cursed islands, Lokurm is very close to Dubrovnik. It offers spectacular nature with rocky beaches, parks…

  • Christmas Market in Prague

    Christmas Markets Around the World You Might Want to Visit

    Christmas is just around the corner, the time of festivities, joy, and happiness. So with that in mind, I decided to collaborate with other travel bloggers to show you beautiful Christmas Markets around the world. I hope it will inspire you to book a trip and visit these cities, experience local culture, try the delicacies and drink a hot beverage while wandering through lit up stalls. Prague, Czechia Christina Tuff Saull from My View From the Middle Seat This is the Perfect One-day Walking Tour in Prague (with map) Budapest, Hungary Hannah & Adam Lukaszewicz from Getting Stamped Christina Tuff Saull from My View From the Middle Seat 19 Cheap and…

  • Croatia

    10 Best Things to Do in Dubrovnik Old Town

    Dubrovnik, known as the Pearl of Adriatic, is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia, and there is no wonder why. Its well preserved old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979, is a gorgeous place to explore. It might seem small, but it isn’t. So here’s the list of what to do in Dubrovnik old town. Read what you should know before going to Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Old Town – 10 things to do The Placa or Stradun The inhabitants of old Dubrovnik used to enter the city through two main gates – Ploce and Pile with mobile wooden bridges. Thus, entering the city at night was prohibited. The eastern…

  • places to visit in Croatia

    13 Useful Things You Should Know Before Going to Dubrovnik

    Often called the Pearl of Adriatic, Dubrovnik is a stunning city to explore. With its UNESCO World Heritage City Walls, Old Town, oldest pharmacy in Europe, and breathtaking sunsets, the city will leave you amazed and full of different emotions. However, there are a couple of things to know before going to Dubrovnik, packing your backpack and going straight to the airport. 13 Things to know before going to Dubrovnik How to Get to Dubrovnik Depending on where you start your trip, there are plenty of possibilities to get to Dubrovnik. If you choose to begin your Croatian trip from Dubrovnik, then you might want to check out flights from…

  • Tips

    8 Tips to Plan a Trip on a Budget

    Planning a trip can be both overwhelming and exciting. It requires a thorough search, time and commitment. The hardest part when you plan a trip is where to start, how to find cheap airline ticket and the desire to see it ALL. Therefore, here are my tried and tested tips to plan a trip on a budget. Tips to plan a trip on a budget Usually, when I travel, I like to wander the streets, find hidden gems and experience the country like a local. I am not a big museum fan, so I eliminate museum hunt most of the time. However, there are some types I like to go,…

  • best travel accessories

    9 Best Travel Accessories You Need to Own

    Having proper travel accessories is very important for traveling comfortably. With so many choices out there, it might be difficult to choose which one to buy. Here is the list of those best travel accessories l use pretty much every time I travel. Best Travel Accessories: Toiletry bottles It’s not news that you have limits on luggage, therefore bringing a whole bottle of shampoo, conditioner and face cleaner not only increases your weight but also takes up space in your bag. The best solution for those are the small toiletry bottles, and the best thing about them is that you can place them in your carry on bag and no one…

  • Things to do in athens on short time

    Top 9 Things to Do in Athens on Short Time

    When me and my hubby, Oto, decided to attend my best friends wedding in Dubrovnik, we had a couple of hours to spend in the capital of Greece. The list of things to do in Athens on short time can get quite big. But we decided to narrow it down. And instead of spending hours in touristy places, we headed towards the city. Things you need to know before visiting Athens If you are coming from a country which has its own currency, make sure you buy Euros in your home country. My salary is in USD, so I thought I would change them in Athens, but oh boy! I was…

  • Africa,  Guest Post

    Top 10 Things to Do in Cape Town, South Africa

    Steeped in history and culture, Cape Town is an explorer’s paradise, and there is so much to do and see here that it would literally take years to enjoy it all. Situated at the tip of Africa, it has become an outdoor adventurer’s paradise with mountains, forests, two oceans and incredible beaches. Here is a list of great things to do in Cape Town and around it. Top 10 Things to Do in Cape Town Table Mountain The central icon in Cape Town would have to be Table Mountain! It’s a sight to see, and a more natural way to do it is taking the cableway up to the top.…

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    How to Find Cheap Flights on Skyscanner

    There are dozens of airline ticket search platforms on the internet nowadays. And all of them help you find the ticket tailored to your needs. Skyscanner is one of many sites I use to find cheap flights, mix and match or to compare prices. Yes, every platform has a different price on the same ticket. I don’t like buying a ticket and then finding a better deal somewhere else. So I make sure I do my homework and research it before making my final decision. Read how I saved $276 on an airline ticket There are many reasons I like Skyscanner. It has some pretty impressive features that help you find the cheap flights to any destination in the world. And…

  • Ukraine

    Top Interesting Things to Do in Lviv

    Lviv is the most charming city I have visited in Ukraine. It’s not like any other post-Soviet cities you have seen. It’s colorful, lively, and simply gorgeous. With a century-old history, there are many things to do in Lviv, so this travel guide will help you itentify some of the most iconic attractions of Lviv. Lviv is a unique combination of Eastern and Western cultures. Here you can experience Austrian, German, Jewish, Polish, Ukrainian, and even Armenian cultures. Lviv is a hidden gem of Europe slowly discovered by the rest of the world. Named after Leo, the first son of Daniel of Galicia, the ruler of Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia, the city’s…

  • Ukraine

    Top 18 Things To Do in Kiev, Ukraine

    Even though it doesn’t seem like that, but Kiev has been there for a long time; before we all knew what Ukraine and Russia were. Considered as one of the oldest settlements in Europe, it’s one of the first in the Slavic world too. Wandering through its historic streets, visiting museums, admireing various architectural styles are some of the best things to do in Kiev. Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is not spoiled by many tourists. Therefore you get an authentic experience in the relatively budget-friendly country. The capital, Kiev, is a great place to start your Ukrainian adventure and this travel guide will help you to pinpoint some of…

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