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    Where to Stay in Malaysia

    Sandy beaches, mountain hideaways and chic hotels with all the mod cons–Malaysian countries deserve the top spot on anybody’s travel bucket list.  This Asian continent is brimming with beautiful spots and culture to make for an incredible vacation spot. With countries such as Thailand and Vietnam increasing in popularity, it’s easy to see how beautiful these places can be to stay.  With a variety of places offering the opportunity to rest and unwind after a day exploring the surroundings, here are some of the top places to visit in Malaysia.  In Penang Island  Penang, known as the Pearl of Orient in Malaysia, is filled with aspects of old and new…

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    The Ultimate List of Tech Travel Accessories to Take With You on an Adventure

    If you ever find yourself exploring the world in search of hidden gems and outstanding locations to inspire you, then it’s always important to carry some of the latest technologies in your bag to help you enjoy your time abroad. While many people are advocates of digital detoxes especially when traveling the world, there’s no denying that you should be carrying at least some technology with you and in this article, we’ll be listing the most important ones. Smartphone Your smartphone is essentially a small computer that will give you access to plenty of travel services, conveniences and safety options. it doesn’t matter if it’s an Android or Apple smartphone,…

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    Why New York Is THE Cultural Destination of the USA

    To many people, New York is just one of those big cities in the world that they should tick off their bucket list at some point, but the reality is that it’s one of the most amazing cultural hotspots in the entire world. We often think of far-away places in remote destinations as the only cultural holiday locations to visit, but as this article will show, there’s plenty of tradition and culture to be found in the heart of New York. Food Italy may be famous for its pizza, but New York is also known for its own style of pepperoni pizza. With globally recognized pizzerias such as Rose &…

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