Sukhothai. ტაილანდი

Look at Breathtaking and Authentic Capital of Siam

Sukhothai, ‘the raising of happiness,’ is a small city in a Northern part of Thailand. A bus ride from Bangkok to Sukhothai takes 7 hours.

Bus terminals in Bangkok are divided according to the parts of the country. So buses to North depart from Northern Bus Terminal near Mo Chit BTS Skyline, costing 279 Baht ($8.50) for a 2nd class ticket. They are pretty standard with AC and 20 minute stop for a quick lunch.

Once arrived in Sukhothai buses take you to the city center, for about 50 Bahts per person.

As we arrived around 4 pm, the first thing we did was to find an accommodation. Newly opened Somprasong Guesthouse is right at the center. It was has a small bar and serves burgers in homemade buns and pizzas in the wooden oven. Delicious!

Sukhothai. Thailand

Historical Park is 14 km away from the center and is easily accessible by buses costing 30 Baht.

Sukhothai was a Thai (Siam) capital during 13-16th century AD. King Ramkhamhaeng founded it. UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts with 45sq.km of partially rebuilt ruins. It has 11 historical sites and four large ponds within the central part of the park, while 70 more are beyond the walls.

The park has 3 zones, each of them costing 100 Baht for entrance. It’s better to rent a bike or a motorbike to see it all. Thus, the central part is entirely doable on your feet.

Wat Mahathat: It is the most impressive site within the park. It has the biggest Buddha statue seating among the ruined columns. On its both sides, there are two standing Buddha figures.

Wat Sa Si: Also called ‘Sacred Pond Monastery’ is located on a small island approachable by a small bridge.

Sukhothai. Thailand

Besides those, there are plenty of sites worth visiting like Wat Trapang Thong and a museum. Additionally, parks peaceful environment creates a perfect place to relax. Moreover, you can buy souvenirs and have traditional Thai meal within the territory.

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  • Danik

    I don’t know too much about this place but I am planning a trip to Thailand soon and by reading this post, I want to go and check it out. It totally looks amazing and I love old temples, buildings and ruins like this. I think you sold Siam to me.

  • Miranda

    Breathtaking indeed! I’m not sure when I’ll be able to venture over to Thailand, but the ruins are so beautiful, they definitely top my list of things to see there!

  • PossesstheWorld

    It really is breathtaking and your photos capture it beautifully. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of this place, will hopefully be able to travel in Thailand more extensively soon

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