• Great Ocean Road
    Australia,  Guest Post

    Traveling on the Great Ocean Road in Australia Like a Local

    The Great Ocean Road is renowned as one of the world’s great drives, with stunning beaches, quaint seaside towns and as an added bonus the Otway Ranges curl along the coast. In the morning you can be hiking through the bush by a waterfall in the morning, sunning yourself on the beach by lunchtime and enjoying dinner in a “hatted” restaurant for dinner. Australia seems to be getting a reputation as an expensive travel destination and after 12 months away we have to admit we are surprised by the cost of many of the things you might like to do on holiday, like eating out or grabbing a few beers,…

  • places to visit in Croatia

    13 Useful Things You Should Know Before Going to Dubrovnik

    Often called the Pearl of Adriatic, Dubrovnik is a stunning city to explore. With its UNESCO World Heritage City Walls, Old Town, oldest pharmacy in Europe, and breathtaking sunsets, the city will leave you amazed and full of different emotions. However, there are a couple of things to know before going to Dubrovnik, packing your backpack and going straight to the airport. 13 Things to know before going to Dubrovnik How to Get to Dubrovnik Depending on where you start your trip, there are plenty of possibilities to get to Dubrovnik. If you choose to begin your Croatian trip from Dubrovnik, then you might want to check out flights from…

  • Laos

    7 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Laos

    I would have never imagined Laos would be such a disappointment, waste of time and money. I had never experienced such a feeling, even when I excitedly arrived in Ukraine and was stuck there for a day while traveling from Prague to Moldova. Without futher ado, here’s things you need to know before going to Laos Things you need to know before going to Laos Mostly No One Speaks English Better your body language. You will find very few Laotians who speak English, especially in small towns and villages. Hostels are Always Full They never know when will the rooms will be available. During our hunt for the accommodation, we saw…

  • Lumbini Nepal Birthplace of buddha

    Lumbini, Nepal: Birthplace of Buddha

    How we got to Lumbini is a long story of unsuccessful road trips, and I won’t bore you with it. The more important thing was that we were celebrating our birthday at the birthplace of Buddha. Such a great coincidence! And yes, you read it right; Mariam and I are born on the same day and year (13.11.1987). The village itself is least attractive from all we saw;. The puddle surrounds the area. As a result, there are lots of flies and mosquitoes. I have never seen so many flies in my life, that I saw here. They simply didn’t let us eat peacefully. Listed as UNESCO World Heritage site,…

  • Nepali village

    Changu Narayan – Simple Life of Nepali Village

    It’s very true when they say that you need to visit Nepali village to see the actual life of locals. With this in mind, we hit the road to find a bus to Bakhtapur, one of the best preserved medieval towns boasting with the tallest temple in the whole country. Before checking out of the hostel in Kathmandu, a Japanese guy gave us the ticket to enter the city. It should have been valid for a couple of days. It should have saved us some money. Kathmandu lacks signs, we asked for the directions to the bus stop. The bus was on the move, and without stopping, we had to…

  • trekking in nepal

    Trekking in Nepal – Easy Trek Gone Disastrous

    Trekking in Nepal is a must-do activity. We didn’t want to miss out on this. And as we haven’t hiked for a long time, we decided to take the easiest – 3-day trek to test ourselves. And to start the trek, we had to go to Kande, one of the villages located one-hour bus drive from Pokhara. During our ride, we saw a celebration process right on the highway, where locals, walking in groups, danced and sang songs while carrying a pile of a yellow flower. Glancing at their traditions was exciting. Trekking in Nepal At around 11:45 am we hopped off the bus and started our trek towards Australian…

  • Kathmandu

    Nepal is the Land of Happy People

    There comes a time when you need to change; you need to get adventurous, you need to take control. So one day, me and my best friend, Mariam, decided that 2014 is the year we get adventurous. So we planned to spend 213 days in Asia – starting from Nepal, Kathmandu, before working our way down to South East Asia. Traveling is said to boost the adrenaline, and on October 27, with only one backpack, we departed for Istanbul to catch a flight to Kathmandu. First Impressions The airport is quite small with a bit of greenery at the entrance while friendly staff helps us out to fill in the…

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