The Ultimate List of Tech Travel Accessories to Take With You on an Adventure

If you ever find yourself exploring the world in search of hidden gems and outstanding locations to inspire you, then it’s always important to carry some of the latest technologies in your bag to help you enjoy your time abroad. While many people are advocates of digital detoxes especially when traveling the world, there’s no denying that you should be carrying at least some technology with you and in this article, we’ll be listing the most important ones.


Your smartphone is essentially a small computer that will give you access to plenty of travel services, conveniences and safety options. it doesn’t matter if it’s an Android or Apple smartphone, especially since you can connect Android to Mac in order to transfer files or even charge your device. Instead, you may want to focus on the camera quality especially if you plan to take a lot of pictures and videos.

Small Laptop

Something small like a Macbook Air or a Chromebook is usually enough to help you do some light video or photo editing, blogging or exploring on map services to find your next destination.

Standalone Camera

If a smartphone camera isn’t enough or you’d prefer to have a point-and-shoot camera hanging on your neck to snap a quick shot, then a standalone camera is a great option especially if you’re worried about running out of power on your smartphone.

Storage Media

If you’re bringing a camera or laptop with you then it’s often a good idea to have some kind of additional storage media such as a hard drive or SD card so that you can store more photos and videos. The alternative is to use an online cloud storage service, but if you have limited Wi-Fi access then it can be difficult to upload your files.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Once you land, it’s a good idea to look around the airport for a portable Wi-Fi hotspot so that you can access online services like maps, travel recommendations, and social media to upload your photos and videos.

Power Banks

Yes, multiple power banks. If you find yourself too far from a charging location or need to use several days worth of power, then having more than one power bank is a great option.

Travel Drone

If you love photography and exploring remote or unique locations then a travel drone will help you take fantastic photos and videos high in the sky.

Travel Watch

In the event that your phone’s battery is empty, it’s a great idea to have a travel watch with a compass or some kind of GPS functionality so you can tell the time and where you are.


Whether it’s to help you fall asleep, to listen to some music while you’re on a train or just to watch some videos in private to pass the time before you sleep, headphones (preferably multiple pairs) are an essential piece of tech to bring.

Hard Cases

In order to protect your devices from bumps, scratches, and drops, it’s vital that you install some kind of protective case to save them from breaking if an accident ever occurs.

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