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Welcome to Georgia Musical – A fascinating show to see in Tbilisi [Review]

Since March 2018, Georgia has added one more theatrical show to its cultural calendar tailored specifically towards the tourists. The show is perfect for those who are short in time and can’t explore the country, its customs, and traditions. Welcome to Georgia Musical has it all, Georgian dances, songs, and cultural aspects are shown with humor and joy.

However, don’t be discouraged if you are not a big fan of the musicals, as it’s not quite that. It simply shows what happens when you are invited in the Georgian family when each and every person tries to make you as comfortable as they can, which might even turn into a bit of harassment with hospitality.

welcome to georgia musical

Why see Welcome to Georgia Musical?

As I said, it’s a perfect opportunity to get to know a bit more about Georgia through a theatrical show that features traditional costumes, cuisine, dances, songs, and tells the audience about history, culture, and traditions. 18 actors throughout the 90-minute show, perform live and try to welcome you and make you fall in love with the country, as much as we, the Georgians, do.

welcome to georgia musical

Most of the show is in English, but those that are in Georgia do have subtitles and a bit of annotation of the word or situation, so you easily get the idea of what’s going on. Songs are in Georgian, but the name and a small explanation are projected on the walls of the stage, so you know that’s the song about.

welcome to georgia musical

Moreover, the actors try to be as engaging and interactive with the audience as possible. This is what I liked the most. For instance, when a tamada (the toastmaker) delivers a toast about friendship and hospitality, he gives a clay cup full of wine to several people from the audience, asks them where they are from and drinks the toast with them.

The plot

The plot of the show is very simple. A Georgian guy studying in France on Viticulture faculty meets a French-American girl and falls in love with her. George brings Julie to Georgia to introduce her to his friends, family and the country.

welcome to georgia musical

Welcome to Georgia Musical starts with a scene in one of the Kakhetian villages at Maro’s house, where she and her neighbors are enjoying an evening with singing and playing games. When it’s time to call it a night, Maro’s grandson, George, calls to notify that he, Julie, and a couple of his friends are coming tonight except tomorrow.

welcome to georgia musical

If you’ve heard a bit about Georgian hospitality, you might know how this news is ‘devastating’ for the housewives of the old generation. The welcoming should be perfect, with the table already set and full of “food on food”, especially when you are hosting someone from a different country. So the chaos of preparation start, where neighbors bring whatever they have in the house – chacha (the strongest spirit), dried fruits, churchkhela (candle-shaped grape juice and walnut snack) … And when the “kids” arrive, this is where the whole magic and introduction of the country starts.

welcome to georgia musical

Julie, also a Viticulture faculty-student, knows a bit about the country’s customs, traditions, and wine-making, but is eager and enthusiastic to learn more. Dimitri, the toastmaker of a traditional dinner setting called supra, tells all the important facts about the country and engages with the audience to make them feel that they, as well, are part of the show, sitting at the supra along with the actors.

welcome to georgia musical

The bottom line

From the local’s point of view, I have enjoyed Welcome to Georgia Musical s it truly shows what it’s like to be a foreigner in Georgia and to put a spotlight on a person that might not feel comfortable. We have all done that at some point.

welcome to georgia musical

The songs, dances, and jokes were chosen perfectly, while the actors who are not used to perform in English nor entertain the audience with the majority of them being a foreigner, did exceed my expectations.

I would say that the show is a great way to welcome it’s visitors to Georgia and a nice way to spend an evening in Tbilisi after all those walks and munching on our cuisine.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments down below, or connect with me on my social media channels. I will be happy to assist you as much as possible.

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  • Tif

    This is such a great idea!! I would definitely go to this! I love musicals and to learn about Georgia!

  • Linda Bibb

    Here in Kuala Lumpur (which means Muddy Confluence), they have a skit about the origins of the city called “Mud.” Musicals are such a fun and entertaining way to teach visitors about a country. Georgia is on our radar for later this year and I’m excited to know there’s a similar show in Tbilisi. I’ll have to see it while we’re there.

  • Jasmine

    Love the plot- reminds me slightly of My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Ian is introduced to the customs of Tua’s family.

    A colleague of mine is from Georgia and is always telling me I should go – so maybe someday.

  • Nerissa

    Love the theatre so much! I’m always looking for new shows to see, and this one sounds great! I’m definitely adding it to my list.

  • Julie Boyd

    This seems like it would be such a cool way to experience and learn about the culture of Georgia! Thanks for sharing! Your pictures are fantastic!

  • Annika

    I used to love musicals when I was younger but haven’t seen one in ages but this looks like a great one. I have not been to Georgia but heard so many great things lately – will definitely check it out when I go!

  • Yukti

    I loved Georgia and visited twice. But never knew about such a beautiful musical play as it is depicting interesting cultural facts. Thanks for sharing!

  • C-Ludik

    You’re right, this Georgia Musical is a perfect opportunity to get to know more about Georgia through dances, songs or cuisine. It’s a fabulous experience !

  • Valentina

    Now, that’s an interesting experience! I love musicals and this sounds really well done.
    I will certainly remember this when I get the chance to visit Georgia!

  • Ashfina

    Sounds like a perfect experience for someone who loves music. I have never attended such shows before but guess I’ll give it a try

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