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by Baia

Promote your brand or business to hundreds of travelers and couples every month with Red Fedora Diary.

Red Fedora Diary is bilingual quality travel resource that inspires people to get out there and see the world on a budget. The blog provides destination information, authentic travel stories and useful information to help everyone travel the world on a budget. Red Fedora Diary focuses on giving honest advice to its readers.

The blog does not contain anything Baia has not tried and tested. All the information you read here is based on her own experience.

Together with social media channels, Red Fedora Diary is an excellent way to reach hundreds of youngsters who would love to travel cheaply. The blog has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+.

With the background in mass media and communications, content writing, and photography, I am confident I can help your business reach the audience you desire. Note that all sponsored content will have a disclaimer.

What Can Red Fedora Diary Offer You

  • Engaging social media audience of over 4,660+ combined followers across social media channels
  • Fun, honest and relatable voice
  • Original content with high-quality photos of my own
  • Delivery on time and quick response to any communication

For more accurate information, please email me at

How Can We Work Together

If you think we are a good fit for each other, here are some ideas we can cooperate on:

My Work

I support my travels by working as a content writer for various publications and sites. This blog is a virtual portfolio of my writing. However, I have contributed to other travel publications as well.

Freelance Writing

Guest Post

Collaborations with other bloggers

You can email me at to send your offers.

P.S. All the photos you see here are my own. I have no idea how Photoshop works, so those pictures only have a small alteration.

I am always open to challenges and new adventures

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