The Republic of Croatia, or Hrvatska in Croatian, is a country of splendid nature, 101 islands, breathtaking national parks, and gorgeous towns influenced by Venetian style. 


Bordering Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, this jewel of the Adriatic Sea is a fantastic place to spend any season of the year. Moreover, with its geographical location, you can make day trips to its neighboring countries and have an even richer cultural experience during your travels. 


Even though the country gained popularity among tourists for the past decade, the majority of it doesn’t feel packed with tourists. 


Zagreb, the capital, is a charming town full of interesting places to visit, relax, or indulge in Croatian cuisine. Dubrovnik, one of the most popular fortified towns of the country near Montenegro, is often referred to as the Pearl of Adriatic because of its almost untouched architecture during the centuries.


The white sandy coastline of Brac, Korcula, Hvar, and Elaphiti Islands to name a few, is ideal for beach-lovers and those who’d love to have a relaxing summer holiday mixed a little with history and culture. The town of Pula is also home to one of the world’s six remaining Roman arenas. 


Here you will find all the information needed for your Croatian holiday. All of those guides and tips are based on my travels throughout the country until otherwise stated. 


Best Time

Jul-Aug are the peak seasons.

June, Sept-Oct are ideal to avoid crowds

How Many Days

Zagreb: 2 days; Dubrovnik: 3-4 days including day trips;

Main destinations: two full weeks. See everything: 3-6 weeks

Getting There

Airports: Dubrovnik, Pula, Zagreb, Split, Brac, Zadar, etc

Train/bus from Balkan or nearby countries 

Visa Info

Part of the EU and visa-free for most of the countries.

Check iVisa to see if you require one

Getting around

Main public transport is the bus.

Also available: trains and ferries

Daily Budget

Accommodation: $15-85 hostels, apts, & midrange hotels

Food: $10-50 eating in and out. Also depends on the city

Transportation: $5-20 intercity

Before you go

Dubrovnik Guide


Other City Guides

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