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Things you need to know. Laos

Things You Need to Know Before Going to Laos

I would have never imagined Laos would be such a disappointment, waste of time and money. I had never experienced such feeling, even when...
bangkok trip. Chinatown in Bangkok

Unexpected Things That Blew My Mind in Bangkok

On November 24 we started our Bangkok trip. We checked out of the hostel, took a taxi and in 30 minutes arrived at the...
beach in Thailand

Cheap and Wonderful Alternative to Mainstream Thai Islands

Thailand has world-known beaches, from which Phuket, Krabi, Ko Tao are the most popular ones. Almost every beach in Thailand looks like a landscape...
Nepali village

Getting to Know the Simple Life of Nepali Village

It's very true when they say that you need to visit Nepali village to see the actual life of locals. With this in mind,...
Sukhothai. ტაილანდი

Look at Breathtaking and Authentic Capital of Siam

Sukhothai, 'the raising of happiness,' is a small city in a Northern part of Thailand. A bus ride from Bangkok to Sukhothai takes 7 hours. Bus terminals...
Cities in Thailand. Nong Khai

Cities You Should Never Miss in Thailand

Once arrived in Li, Caroline tells us that she needs to go to Chiang Mai for her visa purposes on January 16 and offers...

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