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Things you need to know. Laos

Things You Need to Know Before Going to Laos

I would have never imagined Laos would be such a disappointment, waste of time and money. I had never experienced such feeling, even when...

5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Thailand

Thailand is my love at first sight. The experience of living with a Thai family for a month made me attached to the country....
Sukhothai. ტაილანდი

Look at Breathtaking and Authentic Capital of Siam

Sukhothai, 'the raising of happiness,' is a small city in a Northern part of Thailand. A bus ride from Bangkok to Sukhothai takes 7 hours. Bus terminals...

Our Last Stop in Asia – Things to Do in Kuala...

One day, after vigorous job hunt, I told Mariam that I had a crazy idea – to go home early than planned. Surprisingly, she...

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