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beach in Thailand

Cheap and Wonderful Alternative to Mainstream Thai Islands

Thailand has world-known beaches, from which Phuket, Krabi, Ko Tao are the most popular ones. Almost every beach in Thailand looks like a landscape...
teaching english in Thailand

Absolutely Blissful Visit to Thai Schools

For a month we have volunteered, in Sukhothai at a guesthouse. On January 13, we found ourselves on a bus towards Lampang province, specifically...
Cities in Thailand. Nong Khai

Cities You Should Never Miss in Thailand

Once arrived in Li, Caroline tells us that she needs to go to Chiang Mai for her visa purposes on January 16 and offers...
bangkok sightseeing

6 Really Cheap and Important Attractions in Bangkok

Same Same, But Different - is the phrase you'll see in Bangkok quite often. It perfectly sums up what Thailand and its capital are...

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