• Thailand

    5 Reasons to Visit Thailand

    Thailand is my love at first sight. The experience of living with a Thai family for a month made me attached to the country. I have developed a high sense of respect towards the hard working nation.  The wide range of activities will not leave the visitor unsatisfied. Five Reasons to Visit Thailand Here, anyone can find a place for their taste. Here, modern and traditional blend perfectly. Contemporary infrastructure, clean environment (even though they use an enormous number of plastic wraps for takeaway packaging), a wide range of cuisine, magnificent landmarks, crazy nightlife and postcard-like coastal lines are the few of those reasons Thailand is on the bucket list…

  • Cambodia

    Breathtaking Temples of Angkor You Need To See

    A UNESCO World Heritage site and Lara Croft’s first destination on her mission to find Triangle of Lights, Angkor Wat is on the bucket list of many. The park is spread over 400 sq km and contains up to 45 temples you can see all in one week! You can buy one day ($20 $37), three-day ($40 $62) and seven-day ($60 $72) passes at the main entrance gate. How to Get There The best and time-saving way to visit the area is by tuk-tuk. The price varies depending which temples you want to see and starts with $20. Things to note: Sunrise, sunset and visiting some remote temples costs extra. If…

  • Laos

    7 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Laos

    I would have never imagined Laos would be such a disappointment, waste of time and money. I had never experienced such a feeling, even when I excitedly arrived in Ukraine and was stuck there for a day while traveling from Prague to Moldova. Without futher ado, here’s things you need to know before going to Laos Things you need to know before going to Laos Mostly No One Speaks English Better your body language. You will find very few Laotians who speak English, especially in small towns and villages. Hostels are Always Full They never know when will the rooms will be available. During our hunt for the accommodation, we saw…

  • Cities in Thailand. Nong Khai

    Cities You Should Never Miss in Thailand

    Once arrived in Li, Caroline tells us that she needs to go to Chiang Mai for her visa purposes on January 16 and offers to go with her. Of course, we agree. Chiang Mai and Nong Khai were the cities in Thailand we didn’t want to miss out. Cities in Thailand You Need to Visit Chiang Mai Sights One of the cities in Thailand which should never be missed is Chiang Mai, the largest city in northern part of the country, which used to be a capital of the Kingdom of Lanna during 1296-1768. The name meant “new city” and was called so when it became the new capital of…

  • teaching english in Thailand

    Absolutely Blissful Visit to Thai Schools

    For a month we have volunteered, in Sukhothai at a guesthouse. On January 13, we found ourselves on a bus towards Lampang province, specifically to village Li. There our friend Caroline is teaching English in Thailand’s school and kindergarten. We met her in Sukhothai and was kind enough to invite ‘complete strangers’ to her house. Even though it was a bit of a detour from our initial plans, we gladly accepted her warm invite. How We Got There Bus from Sukhothai to Lampang takes approximately 4 hours costing 178 Baht per person. Once in Lampang, we took a songthaew, a passenger vehicle adapted from a pick-up used as a shared…

  • Sukhothai. ტაილანდი

    Look at Breathtaking and Authentic Capital of Siam

    Sukhothai, ‘the raising of happiness,’ is a small city in a Northern part of Thailand. A bus ride from Bangkok to Sukhothai takes 7 hours. Bus terminals in Bangkok are divided according to the parts of the country. So buses to North depart from Northern Bus Terminal near Mo Chit BTS Skyline, costing 279 Baht ($8.50) for a 2nd class ticket. They are pretty standard with AC and 20 minute stop for a quick lunch. Once arrived in Sukhothai buses take you to the city center, for about 50 Bahts per person. As we arrived around 4 pm, the first thing we did was to find an accommodation. Newly opened Somprasong Guesthouse…

  • beach in Thailand

    Cheap and Wonderful Alternative to Mainstream Thai Islands

    Thailand has world-known beaches, from which Phuket, Krabi, Ko Tao are the most popular ones. Almost every beach in Thailand looks like a landscape from a famous Bounty commercial – white sand coastline with clear blue water. Those famous islands are far away from Bangkok. The only way is to fly or torture yourself with 12+ hour bus/train drive. Once in Thailand, gateway on an island is a must do. However, we wanted a cheap alternative. On November 27, we enter Internet cafe to search for local buses towards Koh Samed island. It departs from Eastern Bus Station located at Ekkamai BTS station. We buy round trip, open date tickets…

  • bangkok sightseeing

    6 Really Cheap and Important Attractions in Bangkok

    Same Same, But Different – is the phrase you’ll see in Bangkok quite often. It perfectly sums up what Thailand and its capital are all about. Bangkok sightseeing is not limited and anyone can find something for their taste. The capital is full of contrasts where old and new perfectly blend with each other. To understand Bangkok you need to get there and experience it yourself. My mind was blown away from the first moment I stepped in the country. Even though there are so many things to do here, this post will focus on cheap and important attractions you should not miss here. Looking for accommodation in Bangkok? Check…

  • bangkok trip. Chinatown in Bangkok

    Unexpected Things That Blew My Mind in Bangkok

    On November 24 we started our Bangkok trip. We checked out of the hostel, took a taxi and in 30 minutes arrived at the airport. Our flight was departing at 11:50 am, however, once on board we waited for an hour to take off. They never announced the reason. Due to this, we arrived 45 minutes late, at around 5:30 local time. Similar to Nepal, you need to fill out immigration form stating the purpose of the visit and details of the flight, while tourist police in on hand to help you out if needed, as well as guides you to the passport check. While standing there, I see a…

  • Lumbini Nepal Birthplace of buddha

    Lumbini, Nepal: Birthplace of Buddha

    How we got to Lumbini is a long story of unsuccessful road trips, and I won’t bore you with it. The more important thing was that we were celebrating our birthday at the birthplace of Buddha. Such a great coincidence! And yes, you read it right; Mariam and I are born on the same day and year (13.11.1987). The village itself is least attractive from all we saw;. The puddle surrounds the area. As a result, there are lots of flies and mosquitoes. I have never seen so many flies in my life, that I saw here. They simply didn’t let us eat peacefully. Listed as UNESCO World Heritage site,…

  • Nepali village

    Changu Narayan – Simple Life of Nepali Village

    It’s very true when they say that you need to visit Nepali village to see the actual life of locals. With this in mind, we hit the road to find a bus to Bakhtapur, one of the best preserved medieval towns boasting with the tallest temple in the whole country. Before checking out of the hostel in Kathmandu, a Japanese guy gave us the ticket to enter the city. It should have been valid for a couple of days. It should have saved us some money. Kathmandu lacks signs, we asked for the directions to the bus stop. The bus was on the move, and without stopping, we had to…

  • trekking in nepal

    Trekking in Nepal – Easy Trek Gone Disastrous

    Trekking in Nepal is a must-do activity. We didn’t want to miss out on this. And as we haven’t hiked for a long time, we decided to take the easiest – 3-day trek to test ourselves. And to start the trek, we had to go to Kande, one of the villages located one-hour bus drive from Pokhara. During our ride, we saw a celebration process right on the highway, where locals, walking in groups, danced and sang songs while carrying a pile of a yellow flower. Glancing at their traditions was exciting. Trekking in Nepal At around 11:45 am we hopped off the bus and started our trek towards Australian…

  • Nepal

    What to do in Pokhara, Nepal

    It’s 5 am on Friday morning, October 31. I force myself to wake up – we have a long drive to Lake city Pokhara, 200 km from the capital. We are three this time. A Swedish girl, Alma, we met at the hostel, decides to join us. We pack, check-out and head to the bus station. It’s around 6:15 am, and the city is already awake. Through the straight line of buses parked right on the highway, we manage to find ours and hop on. We depart at 7 am. It’s now easier to see how dusty Kathmandu is. I even thought it was an early morning fog. The road is very narrow,…

  • Kathmandu

    Nepal is the Land of Happy People

    There comes a time when you need to change; you need to get adventurous, you need to take control. So one day, me and my best friend, Mariam, decided that 2014 is the year we get adventurous. So we planned to spend 213 days in Asia – starting from Nepal, Kathmandu, before working our way down to South East Asia. Traveling is said to boost the adrenaline, and on October 27, with only one backpack, we departed for Istanbul to catch a flight to Kathmandu. First Impressions The airport is quite small with a bit of greenery at the entrance while friendly staff helps us out to fill in the…

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