Known for tropical islands, intricate royal palaces, ornate Buddhist temples, ancient ruins, and diverse cuisine, this Southeast Asian country is on the bucket list for many. During my 213DaysinAsia, Thailand was the first and only country I fell in love with from the very first second I stepped foot outside of the aircraft. 


Bangkok, the capital, is a vibrant city featuring an ultramodern skyline next to history-rich temples like Wat Pho, Wat Arun,  and Wat Phra Kaew.  Wandering through its day and night markets, shopping malls, Chinatown, is one of the best ways to explore Bangkok. This dynamic city will surprise you at every corner with its diversity and abundance of attractions catering to any taste. 


With picture-perfect scenery, the offshore islands of Koh Samui, Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Phi Phi, are one of the most frequently visited islands among tourists. Hence, quite crowded as well.  However, there are more quiet getaways in Thailand. 


The mountainous north, with the popular city of Chiang Mai, attracts visitors for its historic Old Town, hilltop temple Doi Suthep, and hill-tribe handicrafts. Archaeological cities like Ayutthaya and Sukhothai conserve the ruins of historical empires, palaces, and temples. The national parks of Khao Yai and Khao Sok offer wildlife viewing and rainforest trekking, while flavorful cuisine features a mixture of fiery spices and unusual flavors. 


Best Time

Jun-Oct – rainy season

Nov-Feb high season with lots of tourists

Mar-May has hot weather days

How Many Days

Bangkok: 3-4 full days

Main destinations: 15-18 full days

Good overview: 3-4 weeks

Getting There

Airports: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, etc

Train/bus from Malaysia, Cambodia, or Laos

Visa Info

Citizens of 64 countries can enter visa-free. Some are eligible for a visa on arrival or e-visa on arrival.

Check iVisa to see if you require one

Getting around

Main public transport: buses and trains

Also available: ferries, tuk-tuk & song-thaws

Daily Budget

Accommodation: $8-50 hostels, apts, & midrange hotels

Food: $1-20 eating in and out

Transportation: $10-25 intercity

Before you go

City Guides


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