by Baia

Hello there and nice to meet you! 

I am Baia – a content writer, travel junkie, food lover and a passionate photographer.

My love to travel and experiencing new cultures, traditions and customs made me realize that I want to make traveling a big part of my life.  So in October 2014, I decided to pursue my dream and spend #213DaysInAsia, starting from Nepal and moving to South East Asia with a very close friend of mine-Mariam.

I started this blog back then, but with a different name…

The current one, Red Fedora Diary, comes from this trip. If you’ve been to that part of the world, you know how hot it gets. So to protect my health and body, I wore a red hat.

Coincidently, in every picture we posted on social media I was in a red hat.

Since my return home, (Tbilisi, Georgia) I neglected the blog as I had to find a job. However, pretty soon I decided to revive it and started to think of a name.

My travel in South East Asia was life-changing and full of good and bad adventures. I wanted the name to remind me of those moments I spent there. Hence, came the name.

Our trip to Asia was overwhelming, unorganized and penny-less most of the times. With thousands of kilometers walked and traveled, we ended up spending 108 days due to inexperience.

But you don’t have to do the same!

That’s why I am here, to give you the advice, share my experience and tips for your next big adventure.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask – I will be more than happy to help you out.

Comment on a blog post, email me or ask on social media. It’s easy to reach me.

And if you have a preposition for collaboration here’s how we can work on together

P.S. All the photos you see here are my own. I have no idea how Photoshop works, so those pictures only have a small alteration.

Welcome on board and fasten your seatbelt!

We are gonna have a great adventure ♥

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