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Red Fedora Diary is a fast-growing bilingual travel blog (English and Georgian) that inspires people to get out there and see the colorful world on a budget. Here, my husband, Oto, and I provide destination guides to off the beaten path and popular countries, authentic travel stories, practical tips, and useful information to encourage you to travel the world without breaking the bank. 

We don’t share anything that Oto and I haven’t tried and experienced until otherwise stated. If the post is sponsored, we disclose it; if the hotel or a restaurant hosted us, we say that too, but at the same time, we give our honest opinion and review. 

With a BA in Mass Media and Communications, I have been a content writer for more than 7 years. I offer professional writing services and write travel articles for various publications on daily basis.

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Content Creation

Hire me to create professional travel-related content or articles for your company blog, print, or online publication.


We would love to review your hotel, tour company, or travel gear. Other related product reviews and giveaways are also possible.

Advertisement space

Send us a banner of your company, product, or service to post on various spots throughout the blog. We offer various formats, so contact for details.

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