trekking in nepal

Trekking in Nepal – Easy Trek Gone Disastrous

Trekking in Nepal is a must-do activity. We didn’t want to miss out on this. And as we haven’t hiked for a long time, we decided to take the easiest – 3-day trek to test ourselves.

And to start the trek, we had to go to Kande, one of the villages located one-hour bus drive from Pokhara.

During our ride, we saw a celebration process right on the highway, where locals, walking in groups, danced and sang songs while carrying a pile of a yellow flower. Glancing at their traditions was exciting.

Trekking in Nepal

At around 11:45 am we hopped off the bus and started our trek towards Australian Camp, 2,226 meters above the sea level. All the travel agencies told us that it’s the shortest and easiest trek one can do. Well, it would have been if we had to walk on regular trek rather than on steep, slippery and pointy cobblestone-like stairs up to the hill.

In the middle, we met two local elderly who asked us typical questions you ask a foreigner. Later, as we walked along, one of them turns around and asks me if I like Nepalese boys. He smiles. I smile back and say that they are cute.

“Are you married?” he asks as we continue.

“No,” I respond.



“Hmm…” he says and adds in a second “Don’t you want to have a second, Nepalese, boyfriend?” and chuckles a bit.

I laugh in response and continue walking.

trekking in nepal

Right before our destination point, we stop to catch our breath and relax a while. The camp was a 5-minute walk from here. We got a room with three beds.

Way Back

Next morning, on November 4, we hit the road to Dampus, the big village in the area. One of the locals told us that there are no steep stairs anymore, it’s just a road. Well, I guess you should not trust a local here…

As we went up through rocky cobblestone-like stairs the day before, we had to go down via the same road, just on the other side of the mountain.

With our 13 kg backpacks, it was more and harder to walk. And after 4 hours my shoulders started to ache, and my leg muscles get stretched. And after another hour, it was impossible to continue.

Happy faces once we made it to the camp

We stopped to grab some lunch. Mariam and I ordered noodle soups. We got a soup made from packaged noodles that cost 25 cents. He charged us $2 per person. And it was horrible.

The final destination was Phedi, the village near the highway. After another 3 km of walking down the steep stairs, all I would think was: Jesus Christ! Will this ever end?.

At that point, every inch of my body was burning from the pain, and I was ready to throw everything away.

trekking in nepal
The view over the Annapurna

We somehow made to the highway. Taxi drivers and elderly selling handmade bracelets instantly surround us. The taxi driver tried to convince me that there was no direct bus to Pokhara and that we had to change three transport to get to the city. He asked $10 for the drive.

“I have only $2 so if you like the price then let’s go,” was my response to him. He turned and walked away.

The bus came. And I finally felt relieved.

And maybe it’s very selfish to say, but from what I saw, nature was not that impressive for a person coming from a mountainous country. Or maybe I was too tired to appreciate it. The only advantage was having breakfast overlooking the Annapurna Himalaya Range. Now that was something I crossed off my lifetime bucket list.

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  • Ian

    What! You didn’t think the scenery was that amazing! You have been spoiled. Maybe it is just you had a tough time? Your photos look amazing. I still want to go.

  • Lydia Smith

    Lol. I could only lol after reading your post. Trekking Nepal can go wrong, but the experience is always there. Locals have a frustrating visitors, how could the man have sold a horrible soup for $2 when it ought to be 25 cents, and there’s this cab driver who wants $!0. So bad, but I’m sure you’ll boast of being at Nepal. By the way, the view over Annapurna is beautiful.

  • Chris

    sometimes it is harder to appreciate the beauty when you’re dog tired and ornery. Hiking can be rough, especially if you haven’t hiked for a while. Still sounds like a good time

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