Georgia is a country of wild nature, a perfect mixture of ancient and modern architecture, mouth-watering cuisine, and ancient customs. Tucked between Europe and Asia, Georgia offers an unforgettable experience of both continents that are present in every corner of the country.

The capital, Tbilisi, is a bustling city offering a wide range of activities to its visitors, starting from historical sights, Soviet-era brutalist architecture, and ending with a diverse cafe and restaurant scene.

Here, you’ll find everything you might need to know about traveling to Georgia, including best places throughout the country, things you need to know to plan your perfect trip, practical city guides, and tons of content for Tbilisi.


Best Time

Spring & Autumn: ideal for cities 

Summer for mountains & hiking

Winter  for ski lovers

How Many Days

Tbilisi: 3 full days + 2 for day trips

Main destination: two full weeks

See everything: 4-6  weeks

Getting There

Airports: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi

Overnight trains: Yerevan, Baku

Bus: Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan


Visa Info

Visa-Free: 190 Countries, including EU, USA, Eastern Europe, Turkey, UAE, SEA, etc

Check iVisa to see if you require one

Getting around

Main public transport is a marshrutka (minibus/van)

Also available: shared taxis, buses, and trains

Daily Budget

Accommodation: $15-60 hostels, apts, midrange hotels

Food: $5-30 dining out

Museums/Attractions: $3-15

Before you go

Tbilisi Guide

Day Trips From Tbilisi

Other City Guides

Where to stay in Georgia

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