Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus

Known for being the prime winemaking region of Georgia, with splendid views of the snow-covered Caucasus, charming towns, and interesting churches and monasteries, Kakheti is a perfect getaway for many locals. Therefore, here are some of the best and top hotels in Kakheti for you to choose for your next trip.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 1

Being the country’s biggest region by area, Kakheti is spread out in terms of accommodation and sights. The development of wine tourism in Kakheti has also increased the number of Kakheti hotels of various types – guesthouses, resorts, cottages, and chateaus are all present here, catering to every budget and need.

Moreover, the proximity to Tbilisi makes it a great weekend getaway for many locals. I’ve visited Kakheti multiple times and have stayed in various hotels in different parts of the region.  

This guide to some of the best hotels in Kakheti covers its primary cities—Telavi and Sighnaghi—since they are the most touristic, along with other Kakheti accommodation options throughout the area.

Kakheti offers a wide range of sights to explore, so having your own car (if you need to rent, I recommend LocalRent) gives you much more flexibility if you plan on doing some sightseeing.

However, if you are looking for a short getaway, hop on an intercity marshrutka/shared taxi from Isani and Samgori Bus station or opt for a private, yet affordable, GoTrip transfer. Both my Telavi and Sighnaghi city guides provide detailed information on public transportation options.

This guide to Kakheti hotels groups accommodation options based on the cities for easy navigation. Apart from my top choices, I also list a few other options below them.I typically use whenever I travel, whether to Georgia or abroad. It offers many choices, and many hotels or guesthouses accept payments on the spot.


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Planning your Kakheti trip

Before listing all my recommended Kakheti hotels, here are a few essential tips for planning your travels.

How many days to spend in Kakheti: Due to the close location to Tbilisi, many people, including myself sometimes, visit Kakheti as day trips. However, I suggest spending a few days if you have enough time to explore the beautiful places of Georgia.

Since wine is a way of life and part of our deep-rooted culture, touring Kakheti’s wineries and getting to know the Qvevri tradition will easily keep you busy for a day. Additionally, strolling through Prince Chavchavadze’s Estate, walking on the ancient walls of Sighnaghi, and admiring a few dozen Georgian monasteries will quickly fill up your Kakheti itinerary.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 4
Telavi City

The days spent here depend on what you want to do in Kakheti and how you plan on getting around. One full day is enough for both Telavi and Sighnaghi to leisurely sightsee only the cities. However, if you want to explore the neighboring areas, do some wine tastings outside the towns, and visit other landmarks, add one or two more days.  

Where to base yourself: This again depends on your Kakheti itinerary and your transportation choices. Unfortunately, public transport within the cities is time-consuming as the frequency is low, and sometimes, they wait for the marshrutka to get full instead of running at the scheduled time. That said, unless you have plenty of time to spend in the region, I couldn’t emphasize enough how important having a car is.

As mentioned earlier, Telavi and Sighnaghi are both great places to base yourself. They have at least a dozen accommodation choices, and getting a local driver is much easier. Among these two, Telavi is a better choice as it’s the regional capital and has a more extensive bus station with better connections to the villages and townlets.

If time permits, you can stay in different locations to fully experience Kakheti.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 5
View of Sighnaghi

What type of Kakheti accommodation should you choose: Unlike many other regions of Georgia, Kakhet certainly has an ample supply of various lodgings. You can find very affordable rooms in family guesthouses, a few Airbnb apartments, luxury hotels and resorts, A-frame cottages, and glamping, to name a few. Whenever I can, my favorite type is staying in a chateau, winery, or estate when planning a trip to Kakheti.

How in advance you should book: Generally, there are more lodgings than the demand, so it’s possible to book a room last minute. However, note that some hotels in Kakheti listed here are popular and can be sold out quickly, especially during summer, fall (harvest season), and weekends.

Many resort-type ones also get corporate bookings for team-building, training, press trips, or weddings. Therefore, I recommend reserving at least 3 weeks in advance. You have better options for the off-season, plus prices are lower in winter and spring.

Where to stay in Kakheti close to Tbilisi

Giuaani Winery

Giuaani Winery is a family-run enterprise, featuring a few private rooms, is one of my favorite hotels in Kakheti for a quick getaway close to Tbilisi. The spacious and stylish rooms are equipped with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay.

Located in Manavi, just over an hour’s drive from the city, the estate includes a restaurant serving delicious, slightly modernized Georgian cuisine and an outdoor pool.

You can tour the winery and enjoy tastings led by Giorgi, the exceptionally friendly sommelier. Read more about my stay and review of Giuaani Winery.

Ambassadori Kachreti Golf Resort

If you’re a golfer or eager to learn the sport, Ambassadori Kachreti Golf Resort is an excellent choice. Located in Kachreti village, just a 1.5-hour drive from Tbilisi, this resort boasts a private winery, a wellness center, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and a tennis court.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 8
Photo courtesy of the property

The rooms feature classic-style interiors and are equipped with all the amenities you might need for a comfortable stay. Adorned with stone decorations and wooden beams, the restaurant serves tasty Georgian cuisine complemented by local wines and international beverages.

In addition to the standard rooms, the resort offers several villas, each with its own private garden and barbecue facilities. These spacious villas have multiple bedrooms, making them perfect for families or groups of friends seeking a more private and homely experience.

Other Kakheti hotels near Tbilisi

Oasis Club Cottages: If you plan on visiting the Rainbow Mountains or David Gareji monastery complex and need a place to stay, individual cabins at Udabno Club Cottages are a great choice. The on-site restaurant features a delicious seasonal menu, and the cabins have a terrace and access to the garden. The rooms are basic and minimalistic, with private bathrooms.

Mtevino: Situated in the serene village of Khashmi, Mtevino offers a peaceful retreat within its rustic yet modern design. Surrounded by vineyards, the hotel also offers beautiful views, while rooms are elegantly designed in a simple, minimalistic style.  

My Georgian Village: Located 50 km from Tbilisi in Sagarejo, My Georgian Village is a charming hotel with a restaurant, simple yet well-decorated rooms, a seasonal outdoor pool, and a tranquil garden.

Château Fort de Manavi, Boutique Hotel: Another hotel in Manavi has a garden, bar, and a restaurant offering family rooms and a shared lounge to relax.

La Baita: These A-frame cottages are 50 50-minute drive from Tbilisi, specifically in Ujarma. Overlooking a lake, they offer a peaceful atmosphere and well-equipped lodging, ideal for short getaways.

Best Hotels in Telavi

Esquisse Design Hotel

Located in the historic town of Telavi, slightly far from the city center, Esquisse Design Hotel has modern luxury and sophisticated style. Each contemporary room features elegant furnishings and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, including the Caucasus Mountains from some of its rooms.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 9

The food at their on-site restaurant, which serves a fusion of Georgian and international cuisine, is delicious. For relaxation, you can enjoy your time at indoor or outdoor pools, depending on the season of your visit. The terrace also offers a tranquil spot to unwind and enjoy the atmosphere.

Communal Hotel Telavi

Situated in the city center, Communal Hotel Telavi offers an intimate and unique escape. This charming boutique hotel has a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Each room is thoughtfully decorated, combining rustic elements with contemporary design, and comes with a seating area and a desk. I especially love the large windows that allow natural light to flood in.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 10

The on-site Doli restaurant has authentic Georgian meals, focusing on Kakhetian cuisine, prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. This is also where you have breakfast in the morning.


This refined boutique hotel in Telavi features beautifully appointed rooms, modern amenities, and a combination of contemporary design with charming art hanging on its colorful walls. The floor-to-ceiling windows, both in the rooms and throughout the property, bring daylight and create a cozy atmosphere when combined with comfortable furniture.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 11
Photo courtesy of the property

There is no restaurant, but breakfast is served in the morning for an additional charge. The hotel’s garden and roof terrace are great spots to unwind and enjoy the surrounding landscapes. 

Tsinandali Estate, a Radisson Collection Hotel

Not precisely in Telavi, but only 9 km away, Tsinandali Estate is part of the Radisson Collection Hotel lodged in the historic Prince Chavchavadze Estate, built in the 19th century; however, the hotel itself is a newly constructed building offering an exquisite blend of luxury, design, and natural beauty.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 12

It features lavishly designed rooms and suites with coffee machines, wardrobes, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and necessary toiletries. Additionally, the hotel has a year-round outdoor infinity pool, spa facilities, steam room, restaurants, and fitness center.

The on-site gourmet restaurant combines traditional Georgian and international cuisine from fresh regional ingredients. Some rooms include breakfast, while others don’t and can be added cost. Breakfast buffet is served at À la carte restaurant with various meals, fruits, jams, dairy, and snacks. 

When staying at Radisson Tsinandali, you can enjoy a complimentary wine-tasting session with Tsinandali Estate wines. It’s a pleasant experience to familiarize yourself with the company’s centuries-old winemaking process and visit Prince Alexandre’s century-old wine cellar, with the oldest bottle dating back to 1841.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 13

Moreover, the hotel has a shared lounge and library rooms where you can enjoy some peace, read, and relax. Alternatively, you can walk through the Tsinandali Estate and visit Prince Alexander Chavchavadze’s house museum, which features extraordinary collections and memorabilia of the royal family. It’s also relatively easy to get to Telavi to do some sightseeing.

Note: At check-in, the receptionist will ask you to provide a credit card to temporarily block a certain amount (on my visit, it was 200 GEL) to cover any damage you cause or purchase anything from the minibar. Once you check out, it will be unblocked.

Schuchmann Wines Chateau & Spa

Located a bit outside Telavi, it is another excellent choice if you are looking for Kakheti hotels with wineries. With elegant design and beautiful views of the Caucasus Mountain, the hotel offers guests complimentary wine tours and tastings.

The rooms at the Schuchmann Wines Chateau & Spa have a contemporary interior featuring wooden floors, while some have a balcony or a fireplace. The in-house restaurant offers Georgian cuisine and a buffet breakfast. Moreover, the hotel offers various wellness services, including outdoor barrel pools, massages, saunas, and even a wine spa.

Other Telavi hotels

Hotel Qvevrebi: Situated in Shalauri village, around 4km from Telavi, Hotel Qvevrebi offers a stay in giant Qvevri-shaped cottages, making it one of the unique experiences you might have in Kakaheti. Alternatively, they offer standard rooms and a bungalow within their vast complex.

Chateau Mere: If you are looking for castle-like hotels in Kakheti, Chateau Mere should be your choice. This design hotel, located at the entrance of Telavi when driving from Tbilisi, has a spacious garden and an outdoor swimming pool. 

Antique-style furniture and decor items adorn the common areas, while rooms are simple and minimalistic; some even have balconies.

Holiday Inn Telavi: This classic-style hotel is a few meters from Batonis Tsikhe, the palace of King Erekle II. It offers family rooms, an indoor swimming pool, and spa facilities.

Top Hotels in Sighnaghi

Kabadoni Boutique Hotel

Located in the heart of Sighnaghi, Kabadoni Boutique Hotel is a high-end lodging with classic style rooms featuring plush furnishings, modern amenities, and stylish decor.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 14
Photo courtesy of the property

From the comfort of your room, you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains. Large windows let in natural light, creating a cozy atmosphere.

The on-site restaurant serves Georgian cuisine, while the wine bar offers a great selection of local wines. Additionally, there is an indoor swimming pool, wellness center, and an outdoor terrace to watch the sunset.

Lost Ridge Inn

Lost Ridge Inn is not technically in Sighnaghi, but it offers unique experiences, making it one of the best hotels in Sighnaghi. This boutique inn, perched on a ridge, has thoughtfully designed rooms and a tranquil escape.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 15

The on-site restaurant serves farm-to-table Georgian cuisine crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. You can also enjoy a selection of regional natural wines and in-house brewed craft beer. Moreover, you can opt for a horseback riding trip from their ranch down the Bodbe Monastery and enjoy gorgeous views of Sighnaghi from a side many visitors rarely see.

Other Sighnaghi hotels

Hotel History • სასტუმრო ისტორია: This charming hotel, set in a beautifully restored building, features a fascinating design concept where each room represents a different historical period, from the Stone Age to the Modern Era. Above the bed, the wall decor reflects the corresponding era, providing an immersive experience.

Guest House Eka & Gio: This cozy guesthouse is perfect for budget travelers. Thanks to its friendly hosts, it offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. The spacious rooms and balcony offer panoramic views of the city, the Caucasus Mountains, and the Alazani Valley.

Signagi Glamping: Situated just 1.6 km from the city center, these luxurious glamping tents are perched on a hillside, providing unparalleled views of the Alazani Valley.

Hotels in Kvareli

Chubini Winery & Cabins

Chubini Winery & Cabins in Kvareli Municipality features cozy cabins, each thoughtfully designed to provide comfort while blending harmoniously with nature.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 16
Photo courtesy of the property

Set against the backdrop of vineyards, you can join a guided vineyard tour, learn more about the 800-year-old Georgian winemaking tradition, and sample wines crafted on-site.

Each cabin has all the amenities, including spacious interiors, private bathrooms, and balconies that offer stunning views of the vineyard and mountains.

Nekresi Estate

Situated very close to the Nekresi Monastery and the historical Nekkarisi, an ancient city dating back to the second century BC, the Nekresi Estate boasts a serene lush pine forest, a stylish red brick building with floor-to-ceiling windows, and a very sophisticated design.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 17
Photo courtesy of the property

This 3-star hotel has a beautiful garden and a terrace where you can soak up the atmosphere or enjoy a delicious meal or a drink. The classic-style minimalist rooms have a balcony overlooking the garden or the mountains.

Royal Batoni

Temporarily closed as of May 2024

The palace-like hotel overlooks Ilia’s Lake and is between the mountains of Kvareli and Duruji River, offering panoramic views on all sides.

Located in Kvareli Municipality, 146 km from Tbilisi, Royal Batoni perfectly combines traditional architecture and modern design. Its cozy environment, created with vintage furniture, sets it apart from others.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 18

The entrance has an enormous wooden gate, similar to those seen in old movies with castles. Stepping inside is even more attractive—old Georgian carpets hang out from each floor of the hotel, while a circular staircase adorns the lobby.

One of the features we loved was its infinity pool—enjoying a morning swim, the sun, and a cocktail with beautiful views over the lake. Additionally, the hotel has a small room with table tennis, foosball, billiards, and a couple of gym equipment. The restaurant with the terrace offers traditional meals and Kakhetian wine for your enjoyment.

Kvareli Eden 

Temporarily closed as of May 2024

Surrounded by vineyards, oak trees, and orchards, the Kvareli Eden resort complex boasts a wine spa and gorgeous surroundings. Like other resort-style hotels in Kakheti, you are here to relax, unwind and enjoy. However, if you are up for some walking, you can wander through Kvareli city, located around 30 minutes away by foot.

Other hotels in Kvareli

Kundzuli: Translated as an Island in English, Kundzuli is ideal if you are looking for a studio-like cabin with a fully equipped kitchen at the lake.

Lodged at Ilia Lake, Kundzuli cabins have direct access to the lake through a patio. In contrast, the apartments inside have comfortable furniture, desks, and outdoor dining areas, to name a few.

Kvareli Lake Resort: Snuggled between Alazani Valley and Kvareli Lake, the resort offers panoramic views of the lake, complete wellness and spa facilities, and a classic-style interior. In the evening, you can enjoy the fantastic scenery of the lake with your favorite beverage.

Varga Kvareli: Located in the city center, a few meters from Ilia Chavchavadze Museum, Varga Kvareli has a homey atmosphere, featuring a restaurant, a garden, an outdoor swimming pool, and a terrace.

More Hotels in Kakheti

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa

One of the top hotels in Kakheti is the Lopota Lake Resort & Spa. It is snuggled around Lopota Lake in a valley surrounded by the rims of the Caucasus mountain range. Once there, you feel like you’re in an entirely different time zone.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 19
Photo courtesy of the property

The resort boasts a broad range of activities across its 60-hectare of land. Outdoor pools and very comfortable and modern poolside furniture are everywhere here. You can rent a bike and cycle around the lake, ride a horse, play tennis or mini-golf, and enjoy your time at the spa or jacuzzi.

I visited the resort in springtime when it was still early to dive in the pool but warm enough to enjoy the sun and a good read on a cozy sofa overlooking the lake.

Vazisubani Estate

Vazisubani Estate, located in the village of Vazisubani, is a refurbished historic estate with vineyards and a palace founded in the 19th century by Sulkhan Chavchavadze. It is approximately a two-hour drive from Tbilisi, thirty minutes from Telavi, and fifty minutes from Sighnaghi.

Top Hotels in Kakheti for 2024: Resorts, Boutique, & Chateaus 20
Photo courtesy of the property

The Estate has been restored to offer a luxurious, 5-star experience in its 19 rooms. It is quite exquisite, surrounded by lush vineyards and framed by the stunning backdrop of the Caucasus Mountains.

The thoughtfully designed rooms and suites reflect the estate’s historical significance but also feature modern interiors.

The on-site restaurant uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create delicious dishes that perfectly pair with the estate’s wines. 

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