Unique Souvenirs from Georgia to Bring Back Home

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Guide to gifts from Georgia for Christmas or any occasion

It is that time of the year when we continuously think about giving our loved ones for Christmas. If you happen to be traveling to Tbilisi for your Christmas holidays and want to bring something memorable to your friends, family, and loved ones, here’s an extensive list of souvenirs from Georgia to bring Christmas gifts for all budgets and tastes. 

What to buy in Georgia (country)? 

When it comes to buying souvenirs in Georgia, almost everyone goes with traditional Georgian souvenirs: wine, churchkhela (Georgian sweet from grape juice and nuts), BlueTabla (tablecloth), chacha (strong alcoholic beverage like vodka), or typical Georgian spices. 

Finding those items is not difficult, but I will still suggest my favorite places: 8000 Vintages shop and wine bar has the widest choice of good, natural, and bio Georgian wine. I love the packaged Churchkhela from Nugbari; it seems more hygienic and easy to transport than those sold hanging on the streets accumulating all that smoke and dust… 

Gallery 27 has all sorts, sizes, shapes, and colors of BlueTabla to choose from. However, if a tablecloth is not your thing, you can choose something else with a similar design, like plates, vases, bowls, etc.  The best place to buy chacha is the Chacha Corner shop, the only one of its kind dedicated to all sorts of chacha beverages produced in Georgia. For cooking lovers who want to recreate favorite recipes back home, make sure to buy handmade Georgian spices from SPY. 

Souvenirs from Georgia – Georgia themed gifts


For those who love colorful socks with various prints, Altersocks makes perfect Georgia-themed gifts for anyone, be it a kid or an adult. They have a wide array of choices, but the company is famous for Khinkali and Adjaruli Khachapuri socks. 

souvenirs from Georgia

They also have other Georgia-themed socks like Chokha (traditional clothes), Pirosmani (famous local artist), Georgian alphabet, Georgian wine, and a flag. Also, you can find Harry Potter, Dali, Klimt, Van Gogh, and Frida-themed socks, to name just a few. The variety is so big that it’s hard to choose. 


GeoPoster is all about modern design Georgia-themed gifts – posters, notebooks, magnets, bookmarks, tote bags, mugs, and postcards. Their posters make a perfect addition to your home decor or unique Christmas souvenirs from Georgia to inspire them to explore the country. 

souvenirs from Georgia


Do you have someone who loves pins? Then Pinadze should be your choice for not only Christmas gifts but as a usual souvenir from Georgia. Their metal pins are all about Georgia and make an excellent decor item on coats, bags, scarves, or pretty much anywhere you desire.

They have wine glasses, kantsi (horn used for special toasts in traditional Georgian feast), Khinkali, Georgian flag, Adjaruli Khachapuri, and Lamb (famous Georgian street artist’s signature character). 


If you are looking for unique handmade leather bags, check out the wide range of different style bags at Cosmo. Started as a hobby of making simple necklaces back in 2015, the company has evolved in just a couple of years, offering a great selection of accessories and uncommon bags inspired by Georgian ornaments, alphabet, and traditional clothes. 

Made from natural materials, mainly from Georgian leather accompanied by local walnut tree details, the bags are sturdy, well-thought-out, and 100% handcrafted. Here, you can find colorful and minimalist backpacks, shoulder bags, fanny packs, laptop bags, wallets, bow ties, you name it. The choice is so diverse that you’ll have a hard time picking just one!


Scout is another company making Georgian-themed pins. Apart from the staples – Khinkali, Khachapuri, and Khantsi – they have Georgian map, Kartlis Deda (Mother of Georgia), Pirosmani’s famous Metevze (fisherman), and Georgia’s favorite piece by Petre Otskheli.

souvenirs in Georgia

Georgian words 

Other cool Georgia-themed gifts are pins and magnets of Georgian words made by Vitsro company. They have a wide choice of Georgian words with English translations, so you know what you are buying. One of my favorite ones are: shemomechama (I accidentally ate the whole thing) and ra vchamot? (what should we eat), but you can also buy nakhvamdis (goodbye), madloba (thank you), sikvaruli (love), or even separate letters. 

souvenirs from Georgia

Atare Anbani

Atare Anbani, translated as ‘wear the alphabet,’ specializes in accessories with the Georgian script. Letters are made either from silver or gold. The designs are simple yet elegant, making them perfect Christmas souvenirs from Georgia who like to wear bracelets or necklaces.  Apart from letters, you can also customize the recipient’s name or any word you desire. 


Kashne in Georgian means a ‘scarf’ and offers different print scarves made in Georgia, especially with The Knight in the Panter’s Skin (Georgian medieval epic poem of the 12th century) theme. Those prints look like Persian art and make a unique gift for someone who likes to accessorize with beautiful them. 

souvenirs from Georgia


Tasma.ge is a shoelace company offering Georgia-themed shoelaces along with prints inspired by famous artists like Van Gogh, Klimt, Khalo, Kandinsky, and famous musicians, to name a few. Their Georgian-themed products include the renowned painting by local artist Pirosmani, Georgian rugby logo, phrases from The Knight with the Panter’s Skin, etc. 

souvenirs from Georgia

Georgian Memory

If you believe that the authenticity of a city or a country hides in its unique details, then a scarf from Georgian Memory is a perfect gift to anyone who likes to wear it. The scarves feature iconic Tbilisi doors, wooden carved balconies, window or door handle details, landmarks of Svaneti, works of Pirosmani, Georgian alphabet, and many more; the list goes on… 


Mandili is another Georgian company offering scarves with prints about Georgia. Their products feature prints dedicated to Georgian architectural and historical landmarks. For instance, their scarves have an ornament taken from Gelati Cathedral, Georgian mountain carpets, or Orbeliani baths, to name a few. 


If you are looking for a suitcase cover that will be unique, beautiful, and attract anyone’s attention, then you should check out Chini. Their primary focus is Georgia-themed suitcase covers made of soft textiles to prevent them from scratches or any other damage. The pints include Georgian script, flag, Pirosmani’s Metevze, and two paintings from Petre Otskheli. Apart from suitcase covers, they make travel pillows and tote bags with the same textile and print.

souvenirs from Georgia

Handmade ceramic souvenirs from Georgia

Bringing ceramic souvenirs from Georgia is quite trendy. There are a couple of places where you can find not only Georgia-themed gifts but generally beautiful handmade ceramic decor items.

Hoda makes handmade ceramic houses that are small in size and are easy to transport. The houses are adorned with typical Georgian ornaments taken from those typical Georgian wooden carved houses you see in the old town. You can also buy necklaces made from miniature ceramic figures. So cute, right?

White Studio offers not only ceramic decor items but also textile, furniture, and jewelry. They have a wide choice of ceramic pieces with beautiful prints. One of the unique ones, in my opinion, is their Georgian alphabet plate collection. 

souvenirs from Georgia

Ceramic Studio 1300 is both a studio and a concept shop that displays gorgeous Georgia and Christmas-themed ceramic decor items such as plates, cups, vases, bottles, bowls, and many more. 

Ceramic Studio SiO2 is a small studio where you can find modern, minimalistic, yet colorful ceramic items such as cups, bowls, plates, and vases, to name just a few. The studio uses a glazing technique, and items aren’t overloaded with ornaments and come in various pastel colors, making it an excellent addition to anyone’s home decor game. 

Handmade Christmas gifts from Georgia


The main focus of the Kamara company is to process and line natural stones with innovative and modern technologies. Their handmade Christmas tree accessories made from a semi-natural stone mosaic (mostly Onix, Laxurite, and Travertine stones) is genuinely a unique Christmas gift to give anyone. Just look at the pictures. Aren’t they cute? 


Are you looking for hand-painted Christmas tree toys? Then Nancy’s makes precisely those. Her cute, winter-themed toys will make a perfect addition to your gorgeous Christmas tree back home, or anyone else’s to whom you decide to gift it.

souvenirs from Georgia


Maqmani is another company that makes handmade felt accessories such as laptops, tablets, and phone cases, bookmarks, keychains, pins, bags, and many more. They also have Christmas tree toy sets made of felt and can customize pretty much anything, so your gift will have a personal touch to it. 

Handmade by Salome Kandelaki

Salome makes cute and elegant handmade decorative pillows and pillowcases. She has not only Christmas-themed products but also Zodiac signs for those who are into Astrology. It’s a perfect gift for creating a Christmassy atmosphere on your couch to indulge in Netflix or TV series during holidays along with hot choco or gluhwein.


This company makes handmade glass decor items, including Christmas tree toys, angel-shaped decor items, and earrings, to name a few. They have a wide choice and moderate prices. 


Babale is a social enterprise founded by the Georgian Down Syndrome Association. Their products are made in Georgia by those with special needs using textiles and wood materials. Here, you can find various decor items to bring back home, including Christmas tree toys and accessories. Each piece is unique, authentic, and handmade.

Unique Souvenirs from Georgia to Bring Back Home 23


Pavone specializes in handmade colorful glass accessories, including home decorations, jewelry, and stained glass. Each piece is delicately carved, processed, and assembled individually. They have a wide range of products starting from Christmas-themed toys, earrings, rings, and decor items.


Birdie offers handmade home decor items. Their product is mainly wood and has hand-painted ornaments, characters, animals, and more. Here, you can find mirrors, jewelry boxes, coasters, and cutting boards turned into decor items, to name a few.

Christmas or any other occasion gifts for kids 

Crochet toys

If you, your family member, or a friend have a kid and looking for something unique and personal, crochet toys make an excellent alternative for any occasion. Most of those entrepreneurs make toys on-demand and customizable as much as they can be. NinaLo, for instance, makes not only toys but apparel and even a basket on demand.

Mamamia creates small crochet animals in different colors. Their most popular items are bunnies in different shapes and lengths; however, they also have dogs, mice, reindeer, and elephants, to name just a few. They use 100% cotton thread, making the toys antiallergic, eco-friendly, and safe for kids.   


Karavela is a company that makes various themed teepees for kids. The package usually comes with a blanket and pillows. They not only have ready-made teepees but also can make them customized to satisfy the wishes of the recipient. Apart from that, they also have swings made from textiles to hang in a kid’s room. 

Interactive handmade books 

Interactive books are perfect gift ideas for preschool kids. Such toys help kids develop motor skills, speech, and creative thinking.

Ambis Bude, translated as ‘a story nest,’ offers handmade and customizable books on topics that interest the kid; it could be maths, logic, or a specific story they love, to name a few.


Mariquita is another company offering similar concept books made from soft materials and textiles. Besides interactive books, they have handmade toys, finger and hand puppets, pillows, and toy chests, to name a few. 


Looking for toys that can play music? Then check out Chikatai, a Georgian brand that creates fluffy and soft crib toys with sound effects, making it a perfect gift for babies.

The company’s face is a stork who believes that everything fantastic starts with great music; therefore, what a person hears as their first track does matter! Their toys have famous songs from a legendary Georgian composer Giya Kancheli, which are very melodic, peaceful, and simply genius! 


Olafinia in Megrelian (another language spoken in the Samegrelo region of Georgia) means ‘a toy’ and offers a DIY toy kit for grown-up kids.

souvenirs from Georgia

The package includes directions, ready-made textile to cut out the figure, threat, needle, and stuffing. What makes Olafinia special is that the toys represent various regions of Georgia with specific traditional clothing.

Souvenirs from Georgia – Eco-friendly gifts 

Zero Effect is the only zero waste shop in Tbilisi, offering all sorts of eco-friendly household accessories, textile bags, and skincare products. Here, you can find kitchen utensils such as bamboo dish brushes, bamboo straws, and appliances, along with wooden toothbrushes, combs, bath brushes, hair accessories, shaving kits, and makeup brushes, to name a few. Additionally, you can find natural deodorants, solid shampoos, and soaps. 

Unique Souvenirs from Georgia to Bring Back Home 36

Handmade natural products made in Georgia

If you or anyone in your family or friends use natural skincare products, you can find plenty of gifts for them here. For instance, Sapovnela specializes in natural products such as face and body creams, soaps, tanning creams, nail care, lip balms, bath bombs, and bath salts, to name just a few. 

Saponeria offers all kinds of beautifully designed soaps made from natural oils and butter. Besides usual body soaps, they have bath bombs, hair masks, and hair serums. 

Pie Naturals is another company offering natural skincare products for both men and women. They have solid soaps and body lotions, tanning oils and creams, hair care products, bath bombs, and beard oils, to name a few. 

Other cool Christmas gifts to buy in Georgia

Cosmic Dance

Cosmic Dance is a Georgian clothing brand that collaborates with local artists to create exclusive prints for their clothing line. But apart from local artists, they also have prints made exclusively for them by Christophe Szpajdel, a famous artist from Belgium who is also known as Lord of the Logos due to his logo designs for rock and heavy metal music bands. 

Their clothing line includes oversized t-shirts, hoodies, jogger pants, tote bags, bucket hats, and jackets, to name just a few. They sell online as well as have a small shop at 18/2 Kote Afkhazi St. 


NairNairi offers a wide choice of shoelaces with various prints, including prints inspired by famous movies/anime/cartoons like My Neighbor Totoro, Fight Club, Death Note, Harry Potter, The Matrix, Spange Bob, and Simpsons, to name a few. Music lovers can choose laces with The Beatles, Bowie, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and Gorillaz. 


Do you or your friends have a furry friend? Ringo offers handmade leather packs with biodegradable bags for picking up feces. This environmentally-friendly product comes in various colors and a separate box for an additional four bags to stock up. Additionally, they have three shades of vegan bags too.

Unique Souvenirs from Georgia to Bring Back Home 45

Asteroid B612

Asteroid B612 is a project and an initiative to showcase the works of emerging local artists and assist them in establishing themselves in a highly competitive scene. The main idea is to create a safe and free space where artists can express their creative vision and personality through their unique products. You can buy posters of Georgian artists that have been exclusively created for Asteroid and works that have never been printed before. 

Svi mugs

Svi translates into English as ‘to drink’ and perfectly describes a local company producing various printed mugs, both ceramic and metal. They have printed with Georgian words such as making a wish, nature is calling, let’s go somewhere, and others. They also have a mug to give to your significant other with two cats say: ‘I meow you… me too’, or Christmas-themed ones like Happy New Beard! 

Unique Souvenirs from Georgia to Bring Back Home 48

Where to buy those souvenirs? 

Some companies listed here have their stores or online shops, while some sell them at various souvenir shops. Gallery 27 is one of the best places to find excellent Georgian souvenirs right in the old town. 

If you happen to be in Tbilisi over the weekend, some small enterprises that make handmade items display their products at open-air market Stall.ge at Youth Palace next to the Freedom Square/Liberty Square metro stop. 

Unique Souvenirs from Georgia to Bring Back Home 49
Stall market

And if you’d like to see more artsy handmade items, visit Kreatiuli Sakhli at Karvasla shopping center. 

Additionally, you can always send them a direct message on Facebook and ask how to purchase that particular item you are interested in. 

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Unique Souvenirs from Georgia to Bring Back Home 50

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