The land of flamenco, fiestas, and siestas, Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world. Known for its diverse landscapes, mouthwatering cuisine, and appreciation for their time and life in general, this country charms every traveler to come back year after year. 


Barcelona, the Catalan capital, is an open museum showcasing Antoni Gaudi’s whimsical landmarks; while Madrid, the more sophisticated capital of the country is home to the Prado museum displaying one of the finest collections of European artists, and the Royal Palace.


And the Mediterranean coastline known as Costa Blanca is ideal for those who want perfect summer getaways mixed with a bit of adventure, road trips, charming little towns, and sandy beaches.


Best Time

Apr-Oct are ideal months.

Summer months bring lots of tourists

How Many Days

Barcelona: doable in 3 full days; Ideally 5-7 days to see everything

Alicante: 2 full days + 1-3 for day trips

Getting There

Airports: Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, etc

Trains and buses from neighboring countries  

Visa Info

Part of the EU and visa-free for most of the countries.

Check iVisa to see if you require one

Getting around

Main public transport: trains, buses, regional trams 

Daily Budget

Accommodation: €20-140 hostels, apts, & midrange hotels

Food: €10-40 eating in and out

Transportation: €10-60 intercity 

Before You go

Barcelona guides

Alicante guides


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