20 Cool Bars in Tbilisi | Wine, Beer & Cocktails

The nightlife scene in Tbilisi is as lively and diverse as the city itself. When it comes to bars in Tbilisi, there is something for everyone, from cozy and intimate hideaways to trendy rooftop lounges with great city views.

Whether you are looking for a casual night out with friends or a sophisticated bar to enjoy a cocktail, Tbilisi bars are here to impress. This list of cool bars in Tbilisi includes local (and my personal) favorites, wine bars, craft beer spots, and cocktail bars.

Tbilisi bars map

For more convenience, I have created a Google Maps list of all the bars in Tbilisi outlined and described here that you to save and use whenever you need it. If you download the area for offline use, you will not need the data to access the spots

Best bars in Tbilisi that locals love

Dedaena Bar

Situated in Dedaena Park (‘Dedaena’ means “mother tongue” in English), this is one of the local favorite Tbilisi bars to pre-party on live music before experiencing the underground Tbilisi nightlife.

20 Cool Bars in Tbilisi | Wine, Beer & Cocktails 1

Even if you are not planning on heating any clubs late at night, Dedaena Bar is still a great spot to attend some of their live music events and dance to the tunes of local musicians and artists.

Their diverse drink menu offers local beer (Alkhanaidze is everyone’s favorite), classic cocktails, chacha (local vodka-like spirit), and their own brewed Georgian Gin. And when you get hungry, they have delicious vegetarian burgers, appetizers, and falafel wrap.

Note that there is a face control at the entrance, and while they are moderate about who they let in, I’d suggest registering on their website to get the authorization and gain a multi-pass QR code.

Black Dog Bar at Wine Factory N1

With now two locations, Black Dog Bar has become one of the favorite hangouts for locals and foreigners.

I like the branch at Wine Factory N1 on Petriashvili Street because it’s more spacious than the one in the Sololaki neighborhood, has more tables, and opens up as an open-air bar in warmer months. The interior, with plants and a painting on the wall, definitely adds a unique touch to the space. 

Their drink menu offers craft beer, cocktails, and other alcoholic drinks. The food is also quite delicious, and their extensive menu features burgers, grilled meat, burritos and wraps, salads, appetizers, soups, and even a dessert.


Mozaika on Vashlovani Street is another local’s favorite to hang out or even pre-party before going to a club. With a good atmosphere and lively buzz, Mozaika also attracts expats and tourists. 

20 Cool Bars in Tbilisi | Wine, Beer & Cocktails 4

This simple place offers a few tables on its first floor and more comfortable chairs and bin bags on the second floor. The space is small and sometimes gets packed. It’s also one of the relatively cheap bars in Tbilisi (depending on what you are drinking) to get the night started. 

Chacha Time

As the name suggests, Chacha Time is a bar offering a wide choice of high alcoholic Georgian spirit called Chacha. And if you don’t know, it is typically made from the leftover skin and stems of grapes after making Georgian wine. 

Chacha Time serves some of the best chacha from famous small and big companies specializing in this drink. Besides classic ones, they also have a wide choice of fruit tincture chacha on their menu, sold in 25 ML.  

20 Cool Bars in Tbilisi | Wine, Beer & Cocktails 5

However, if shots are not your type, they also have chacha-based cocktails, including Chacha Spritz, Chacha Sour, Bloody Mariam, Mimoza, and New York Saperavi, to name just a few. 

Their food menu also offers full dinner/lunch meals, desserts, and bar snacks. Their Nadughi (ricotta-like) sticks with matsoni-ajika (spicy yogurt) sauce were delicious, and so was the simple fried garlic bread with cheese sauce.

Rooster Bar and Grill [Seasonal]

Rooster Bar in Dedaena Park is one of my favorite outdoor bars in Tbilisi during summer. Within the leafy surroundings of the park, this bar provides a relaxing atmosphere for locals and foreigners to unwind at the end of the day.

20 Cool Bars in Tbilisi | Wine, Beer & Cocktails 6

Whether you’re in the mood for a well-crafted cocktail or a simple beer, the bar has something to satisfy every taste. The bar also serves salads, sandwiches, main courses, and even Khinkali.

Top speakeasy and cocktail bars in Tbilisi


Located on Galaktion Tabidze Street, a few meters from Freedom/Liberty Square, this speakeasy-like bar is a go-to place for many locals to hang out. 

20 Cool Bars in Tbilisi | Wine, Beer & Cocktails 7

This dim bar illuminated with red light has one of the quirky designs where white fabrics with text on them drapes from the ceiling, walls have more text, and the furniture is vintage, sometimes even old cinema chairs. The menu includes local bottled beer and various cocktails. 

To find it, come to No.12 and look for a beige wooden door with AMBAVI stenciled below the building number. Walk to the last floor and ring the doorbell for the security to open. 

Taqueria Teko’s Tacos

Situated in Wine Factory No.1, Taqueria Teko’s Tacos is another choice for a fun night out. As the name suggests, the place serves tacos, Mexico-inspired meals, tequila, and other cocktails. It’s a fun place to be over the weekend when it gets pretty busy.

20 Cool Bars in Tbilisi | Wine, Beer & Cocktails 8

Their cocktails are pretty good and reasonably priced. They do all sorts of Margaritas and classics such as gin tonic and tequila sunrise. The Passion Fruit Margarita is very good and flavorful.

Unfound Door

Unfound Door is a complex with a hotel, an excellent restaurant for modern Georgian cuisine, and a late-night club-like space. If you are up for dancing to enjoy the local Tbilisi nightlife scene that’s not exactly a club, the basement floor is the space for you that pumps music until 2 am. 

However, if you are after more sophisticated and fancy bars in Tbilisi with an atmospheric setting in a 19th-century old merchant house that serves delicious cocktails, come to the restaurant space to enjoy their delicious signature cocktails.


While Sircha is not entirely a speakeasy bar, if you don’t know where to look and which door to open, you might miss it as there is no signage, and the bar is so deemed that it’s not visible from the outside, creating a very intimate atmosphere. 

Sriracha serves tiny, delicious, unique cocktails in Tbilisi. What surprised me the most is that they don’t use commercial soft drinks in their cocktails; instead, they mix natural juices or kombucha they make themselves.

There is no menu, so you’ll need to talk to the bartender and tell them what you like, which is the whole philosophy of this bar – to engage and socialize with each other. We’ve tried several of their suggested cocktails, all very delicious. 

When spring comes in Tbilisi and Chakapuli (Georgian traditional easter food is in season), Sircha bar also makes their take on this meal by creating a Chakapuli-inspired drink, the most unique drink I have ever tried. The sour plum and tarragon flavors are very distinctive and impressive.

41 Gradus 

Hidden on Galaktion Tabidze Street, close to Freedom Square, 41 Gradus is a speakeasy serving unique and signature cocktails in a small basement. 

The About section on their Facebook page says ‘unusual view on usual things,’ which perfectly describes their approach to creating the most original cocktails.

The handwritten menu in a Moleskin notebook distinguishes them from other Tbilisi bars. Every single cocktail they have created is in this notebook! And whichever is the most sold or a favorite of their customers, they make it a usual and permanent choice in the menu. 

Inspired by the Jason and Argonaut myth, Golden Fleece is a gin-based drink with matsoni (local yogurt) and tkemali (local sour plum) cordial. Knyazhna Mary is their take on Bloody Merry but very different with Georgian ingredients. It consists of vodka, chacha (local vodka-like spirit), satsemebli (Georgian tomato sauce), red tkemali, Svanetian Salt (salt with various spices from the Svaneti region), and honey. 

Bars in Tbilisi with a unique concept

Writer’s Bar H2S04

Nestled in the heart of Tbilisi is a unique establishment that seamlessly blends the worlds of literature, art, and mixology – the Writer’s Bar H2S04. 

The first futuristic Dadaist magazine, H2S04 in Georgia, funded in 1924, inspired the bar. The magazine was issued only once, on May 25, 1924, and included local futurist writers and artists. Why call the magazine H2S04? According to the Georgian futurists, the “polluted” air in Georgian poetry should have been purified with sulfuric acid.

The Writer’s Bar H2S04 pays homage to this movement with a slightly whimsical and surreal interior design, mainly decorated with vintage posters and other pieces.

What makes this bar so unique is its signature cocktail, Blue Horns, inspired by The Blue Horns, or Tsisperkantselebi, a group of prominent Georgian Symbolist poets and prose-writers of the 1910s. It was founded in Kutaisi in 1915 and then moved to Tbilisi in 1918. 

The movement reacted against Realism and civic modes in Georgian literature and even published a magazine under the same name. Sadly, after Georgia became a Soviet country, the government suppressed them early in the 1930s.

The Blue Horns cocktail mainly combines tequila, Gin, and blue curacao served in custom-made horn-shaped glasses! 

Tbilisi wine bars


This newly opened wine bar and shop, located in the Hotel and Cafe Stamba, offers a wide selection of natural wines from Georgia and Europe. 

As you walk through the plant-covered pergola from Stamba’s courtyard, the entrance is on your left. It’s right in front of Space Farm, the micro herb greenhouse. Gran a glass of wine and enjoy the vibrant yard environment. 

There is no menu, and they don’t offer all their wines by the glass. Instead, you can choose from a few open bottles chilling on an ice bed on the counter. They usually have both Georgian and European wines, as well as red and white. 

You can also visit the store’s warehouse to browse its wine selection and buy a bottle to enjoy at your convenience. 

Wine Point

Located a few minutes from Freedom/Liberty Square on Ingorokva Street, Wine Point is a small bar with an extensive selection of Georgian wines, from pet nats to ambers and sparkling wines. 

This Tbilisi wine bar’s cozy ambiance is ideal for a friend’s get-together or a romantic evening. They also offer wine tasting of four kinds of wines with appetizers for 45 GEL per person. Reservation is required. 

Every Friday and Saturday from 7 pm, they also have a wine buffet, which includes one glass of wine with snacks costing 25 GEL per person. Additionally, the bar offers “wine of the day” for 10-15 GEL per glass, depending on the type of wine. 

Wine Code 

Located in the historic Avlabari district on Wine Raise Street, this wine bar in Tbilisi is an excellent place to try some of the extraordinary Georgian wines. 

The friendly staff is eager to explain the unique story of each wine, its terroir, grape varieties, and winemaking techniques. The bar showcases wines from small to medium-sized wine cellars stored in a separate room in ideal conditions and at the right temperature where bottles lie down. 

The storage cellar also has small qvevris on display for you to understand and see where the traditional Georgian wine is made, while the satsnakheli, where the grapes used to be crashed, is turned into a table. 

Here, I’ve tried naturally blue wine colored with Saperavi grape skin. It has quite an unusual look and taste if you are up for something different.

Wine Code also offers wine tasting of four wines and high-spirited alcohol, costing 35 GEL (reservations are required). And besides the tasting, you can sit at their bar restaurant and pair your wine with a range of platters or Georgian meals.

8000 Vintages

8000 Vintages brings a wide selection of Georgian wine from big and small enterprises. The knowledgeable and friendly staff is always happy to recommend wines based on your preferences and provide insights into Georgian winemaking traditions. 

The wine bar also offers a variety of delicious food platters, from cheese and charcuterie boards to traditional Georgian snacks. 

With four branches in Tbilisi, 8000 Vintages also offers on-demand wine-tasting sessions, where professional sommeliers help you discover Georgian wine.

Vino Underground

Opened by leading natural winemakers, Vino Underground was the first wine bar in Tbilisi to serve bio, organic artisanal Georgian wines that are not widely available elsewhere. 

This basement wine bar with exposed brick walls and dim lighting creates an intimate, relaxed atmosphere. 

Like many Tbilisi wine bars, Vino Underground also offers wine tastings, allowing visitors to learn more about the history and culture of Georgian winemaking. 

Craft beer bars in Tbilisi

Process Craft Beer Bar

This tiny craft beer bar on Kostava Street in front of the Stamba Hotel has a wide selection of local craft beer from Georgian beer companies. 

20 Cool Bars in Tbilisi | Wine, Beer & Cocktails 25

They have both bottled and draft beer choices with Georgian Lager, IPA, or APA. Their menu includes beers from NaturAle, Megobrebi, Underground, and Alkhanaidze breweries and their own draft beer, all written on a blackboard above the bar. 

If you are up for unique flavors, they offer tomato gose, taragon sour ale, wildberry sour, khinkali, and cherry ale, to name a few. Besides beer, they also have shots, chacha, and Georgian ciders.

Tsota Tsota Pub

Tsota Tsota in Sololaki neighborhood is another craft beer bar in Tbilisi worth checking out. “Tsota” in Georgian means “a little” and refers to the number or volume. 

The bar serves craft beer from Megobrebi Brewery. They have a few selections on draft, while others can be purchased bottled or canned. And if you want to try various types at once, they have a tasting plate, too. 

20 Cool Bars in Tbilisi | Wine, Beer & Cocktails 26

When unsure what to order, the friendly staff explains the flavors and pallets and helps you decide. You can even ask them for a small tasting before ordering the drink to see if you like it. 

Tsota Tsota also serves food that perfectly goes with beer, such as burgers, snacks, and sets for sharing.


Abragi is a haven for beer enthusiasts dedicated to showcasing the best Georgian craft beer for those looking to explore the vibrant local brewing scene.

Located on Dadiani Street, a few minutes from Freedom Square, Abragi offers a wide range of bottled and draft Georgian craft beer – from crisp lagers to hoppy IPAs and rich stouts; there is a brew to suit every palate. Some of the draft beers I tried here were very new to me, and most are only available in Abragi.

bars in tbilisi

The knowledgeable staff is always eager to share their expertise, guide you through a mini tasting of beers on tap, and even help you decide which beer to try based on your preferences. 

If you are into bottled beers, Abragi has an extensive selection of Georgian small craft breweries, including Megobrebi, Underground Brewery, Svia, Otia’s Ezo, Amphora Craft Beer, and NatureAle, to name just a few.  

2 Tons – Craft Beer and Brewery

2 Tons is a craft beer brewery and restaurant offering Georgian and European meals, snacks, and appetizers that go well with the beer.

bars in tbilisi

With four branches, this restaurant serves a wide selection of high-quality craft beer in Tbilisi. While we didn’t have the best experience with food service at the Tabidze branch, we truly enjoyed their beer. That’s why I am still including it in this list. 

Try Vienna Street Lager, Prague tilted Czech Pilsner, Taj-Mahal IPA, Rio Haney Ale, Rome Imperial Stout, or Berlin Barley Lager. 

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