44 Secret Instagrammable Spots in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is a great place for photography lovers, combining ancient and modern architecture. While there are some iconic landmarks to pose in front of, this post showcases the best secret Instagrammable spots in Tbilisi.

Georgia’s capital is slowly gaining popularity among travelers. Therefore its famous old town, Abanotubani, is one of the best Instagrammable spots in Tbilisi, dominated by Narikala Fortress, sulfur baths and colorful Orbeliani Bath, the so-called Kaleidoscope house (the stained glass windows), and typical wooden carved balconies. However, many more exciting and hidden gems are worth publishing on your Instagram.

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10 Best photo spots in Tbilisi Old Town

Tbilisi Old Town spans from Freedom Square down to the Narikala Fortress, Rike Park, and parts of the Avlabari district. Therefore, the area offers plenty of great locations for your stunning pictures. So make sure to wander through narrow cobblestone streets and peek in courtyards to find secret Instagrammable places in Tbilisi.

Note: The word ‘secret’ here may refer to less-known places and popular ones but with a different angle.

Sulfur bath domes of Abanotubani

One of the top Instagrammable places in Tbilisi is the charming brick domes of Abanotubani sulfur baths. The best time to do a photoshoot here is early morning before the crowds arrive.

View over Narikala Fortress and Abanotubani

You can enjoy the iconic view of Abanotubani with colorful wooden balconies and Narikala Fortress from various angles; however, my favorite one is from Mirza Shafi street. The whole area looks stunning from here, but unfortunately, construction work is underway, so it might be closed to visitors once the company finishes the building. So be quick to get that shot.

44 Secret Instagrammable Spots in Tbilisi 3

Narikala Fortress walls

This 4th-century old fortress also makes a great photo spot in Tbilisi. However, be careful when walking on its walls as there are no safety railings.

21 Betlemi Str

I love the pop of color on these red brick walls. Doesn’t it look charming? I had this spot on my list for a long time, but every time I passed, a car blocked the entrance and spoiled the site for photoshoots. This time we were lucky and even played with neighborhood cats.

Wisteria covered pergola at Betlemi Church

If you happen to be in Tbilisi in spring, walk the stairs leading to Betlemi Church for a great photo spot in Tbilisi.

Various flower blossoms at Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is beautiful in spring and autumn when flowers are in bloom or plants start to change color. It’s a great place to get away from overcrowded streets in summer and enjoy a bit of shade on hot days.

The garden offers a wide range of flowers and plants, both local and brought from abroad, within its 161 hectares of land. The park has 16 areas, and you might need a whole day to see them all.

If you are visiting Tbilisi in spring, the garden is one of the best places to take photos in Tbilisi with wisteria and lilac blossoms.

Rike Park

Rike Park is a popular relaxation place for many locals and travelers walking down the streets of the Old Town. You can find plenty of spots for your Instagram account, but my favorite ones are the giant chessboard and glass tunnels that have been abandoned for a few years.

Instagrammable spots in Tbilisi

Queen Darejan Palace on Peritsvaleba Str

Queen Darejan Palace is another secret Instagram spot in Tbilisi that slowly gains popularity. Located in the Avlabari district, it was built in the 18th century and is called Sachino. It used to be a summer residence of Queen Darejan, the wife of King Erekle II. Views of the Old Town and Mtatsminda is absolutely gorgeous from here.

Instagrammable spots in Tbilisi

Blue house on 4/9 Ietim (Etim) Gurji Str

This blue house is both – a famous and less-known Instagrammable spot in Tbilisi. I have seen quite a decent number of photos taken here, but as it’s a bit tucked away from the main streets of the Old Town, it remains a secret spot for many.

Georgian balcony at Chakhrukhadze II Turn

Tbilisi attracts many travelers because of its typical Georgian architecture and carved wooden balconies. The Old Town offers a wide choice of balconies to pose, but this one is hidden away from touristy streets.

6 Instagrammable spots in Tbilisi’s Sololaki district

Sololaki neighborhood is one of my favorite in Tbilisi, full of beautiful houses and hand-painted hallways.

Wisteria blossom at 3 Kojori Str.

Spring in Tbilisi brings wisteria blossoms in pretty much every corner. While there are various places to find these magical flowers in bloom, a half-covered house with this plant on Kojori Street is one of my favorites.

Georgian “Hogwarts” on 28 Lado Asatiani Str

Did you know that Tbilisi has its own Hogwarts? Just kidding, it’s not a school of magicians; it’s just an ordinary school and the only Gothic-style building in the capital. It used to be a girls-only German school back in the day.

Typical Georgian courtyard on 30 Lado Asatiani Str

Those typical Georgian courtyards make perfect Instagrammable spots in Tbilisi when the tenants hang out their laundry, looking like party bunting decorations.

instagrammable spots in tbilisi

Painted Hallway on 18 G.Tabidze Str

Tbilisi hides stunning art in its residential buildings. One of them is the former house of tobacco merchants, brothers Seilanovs. Both the entrance ‘lobby’ and the staircase are hand-painted.

The door is closed to visitors; however, if you are interested in the early 20th century of Tbilisi, I hold a short Sololaki tour where we stop by this house and tell you the story of its owners that you can’t read in any guidebook. Read more details about it here.

Painted Hallway at 17 I. Machabeli Str.

Even though it’s pretty popular among many travelers, I decided to put it here because maybe you haven’t seen a picture of it yet. I also cover this spot both in my Mtatsminda-Solokai and Sololaki tours. However, if the door is open, you can peek inside.

Do note that this is a residential house, and the residents are unhappy with many tourists wandering through their private property, so be mindful.

Vintage car at 12 I. Machabeli Str.

You never know what those so-called ‘Italian Courtyards’ might hide inside. One has an old vintage car, specifically Cadilac, parked inside. Even though it’s not in great shape and serves as a storage unit, it still makes an excellent Instagrammable spot in Tbilisi.

8 Instagrammable spots near Rustaveli Ave

Art Nouveau building on 12 M. Kostava Str

This was a former residential building of Michael Aramiants, a famous merchant of 19th century Tbilisi. He was involved in the textile, silk, and wool business but found the most fortune in the oil business. ⁠

Aramiants played a massive part in Tbilisi’s development. He is the one who financed the construction of the first hospital in Tbilisi, which even today carries his name. He also built Hotel Majestic, the current Tbilisi Marriott, and Palace Hotel – today’s Shota Rustaveli Theatre.

“Lace House” on 52 Rustaveli Ave

The so-called “Lace House” is tucked behind the souvenirs laid out on the stairs of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences.

This turquoise house has an almost tragic history: when the Soviet government wanted to expand Golovin Prospect (today Rustaveli Ave), they planned to demolish it.

Luckily, the family had strong ties with Joseph Stalin, who ordered to keep this house untouched. The same family still owns the place.

Tbilisi State Academy of Arts staircase

At the corner of Merani Shopping Mall, there’s a small hallway with a staircase leading to the State Academy of Arts. This absolutely gorgeous photo spot in Tbilisi has 70 steps consisting of 2,000 different handmade ceramic tiles – each 10×10 cm in size.

A project of graduates of the ceramic faculty of the academy, these tiles represent traditional Georgian ornament with a modern twist and require one week to make one tile.

“Mirror Halls” of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

The State Academy of Arts, constructed in the 1850s, is one of the capital’s oldest and most fascinating architectural buildings. 

Come here to see its Mirror Halls, captivating mirror mosaic halls created by Qajar artists from Iran, and fantastic wall paintings. This technique of covering a surface with a mirror glass is called Āina-kāri.

Note: The Mirror Halls are open weekdays from 11 am to 5 pm. They are closed on weekends. It’s free to enter. 

Apple of Love monument

Hidden behind Rustaveli Ave., this one is one of the hidden Instagrammable spots in Tbilisi that’s also quite unusual and interesting, created by Zurab Tsereteli, the author of Chronicles of Georgia (see below). 

Situated in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) courtyard, this mesmerizing sculpture and architectural structure has a separate entrance. This 9-meter-high structure, made entirely from bronze, depicts the history of human passions once you step inside.

It showcases the scenes of Adam and Eve and their transition from obedience to God to guilty disobedience. The whole idea of this monument is connected to a general concept of the emergence and development of life; that’s why there are pretty erotic scenes on display.

Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet House

Constructed by a German architect in a Moorish style, Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet House is one of the best Instagrammable spots in Tbilisi to take pictures at.

Book Museum staircase

If you are after secret Instagrammable sports in Tbilisi, the staircase in the building housing a tiny Book Museum is another one that should be on your list. 

Situated in one of the branches of the National Parliament Library, this building used to be the Tbilisi branch of the Volga-Kama Bank of Russia and was constructed in 1915. The handpainted staircase and the ceiling are absolutely gorgeous.

Courtyard of Youth Palace

For many years, this courtyard was closed to the public. It opened only a couple of years ago and now makes a perfect spot to unwind during your busy days of exploring the city. This particular staircase has a historical significance: after Georgia declared its independence in 1918, the government and participants took the celebratory photo here⁠.

8 Best Street Art Spots in Tbilisi

Street art in Tbilisi is still a new concept, yet very fast developing. Many beautiful pieces are scattered across the city, and here are some of my favorite ones. And if you are interested in hunting down those massive murals, I have a dedicated post on where to find the best street art in Tbilisi that also includes a map.

24 L. Asatiani str [OVERPAINTED]

Whales mural is one of my favorite street art in Tbilisi, a few minutes walk from Freedom Square, done by Kuba, a German street artist in 2018.

44 Secret Instagrammable Spots in Tbilisi 39

Beri Gabriel Salosi I Turn (Elektrowerk)

Finding Good Balance by a Ukrainian Sasha Korban is one of my absolute favorite murals.

6/8 T. Eristavi Str (Didube)

One more of my favorite street art in Tbilisi was made by JDL near Didube Metro Station. Called ‘Hold Me Tight’, this mural is a tribute to beautiful and broken people and is one of the tallest murals in Tbilisi.

44 Secret Instagrammable Spots in Tbilisi 42

55 D. Uznadze Str

Dante, a Georgian artist, focuses on various environmental issues in his work. The Polar Bear is one of his several murals on the topic.

56 D. Uznadze Str (corner of D. Abashidze str)

Plastic Jellyfish by Musya Keburia, a female artist, focuses on the plastic waste in our oceans and seas.

44 Secret Instagrammable Spots in Tbilisi 45

182 D. Aghmashenebeli Ave

El Bocho is an artist from Berlin whose signature is to paint female characters with multicolored hair. He painted this piece on a 13-meter-high wall in 2019.

Baratashvili Bridge Under Pass

In 2022, the extensive underground passage of Baratashvili Bridge underwent a significant transformation as it received a fresh coat of paint. This renovation aimed to exhibit captivating scenes from a medieval Georgian poem called Knight in the Panther’s Skin.

44 Secret Instagrammable Spots in Tbilisi 48

The walls of the passage now proudly display faithful replicas of David Machavariani’s graphic illustrations of the renowned book, initially published by Sulakauri Publishing House.

Library of TSU (near Maghlivi)

Maglivi, or TSU Library, is a place where you can see different arts in one spot. However, these murals change yearly as they are a “practice” area for newcomers to the Niko Movement street art festival.

2 Soviet Architecture Spots in Tbilisi

Much like the whole country, Tbilisi is perfect for Soviet architecture lovers. We have it all, whether it’s the building structure or the mosaics and some Soviet-era buildings even have a new life. Here are my favorite quirky Soviet buildings.

Expo Georgia on 118 Akaki Tsereteli Ave

Expo Georgia is an extensive exposition center built in 1961 to celebrate the 1500th anniversary of Tbilisi with a vast industrial exhibition. As a result, the area has 11 pavilions, decorative pools, and a greenhouse.

During to Soviet era, the venue showcased a permanent exhibition of agricultural and industrial achievements of the Soviet Republic.

Former Museum of Archeology on 5 Motsikulta Stsori Nino Str

This is one of Tbilisi’s bizarre yet fascinating buildings that has been abandoned and sealed for over a decade. Unfortunately, you can’t get inside, but you can explore it from the outside and ‘enjoy’ the views of a very residential district of Tbilisi with its Soviet-time apartment houses.

44 Secret Instagrammable Spots in Tbilisi 51
Photo by: Sahaero photography

5 Instagrammable Cafes in Tbilisi

The cafe scene in Tbilisi is very diverse. You won’t see overdecorated cafes in Tbilisi. Instead, our cafes are simple, minimalist, and elegant.

Otakhi on 6 Dzmebi Zubalashvilebi Str (near the Parliament)

It used to be a takeaway coffee joint which sadly closed during the COVID and didn’t open. However, the exterior design remains, making it an excellent Instagrammable spot in Tbilisi.

Everything here is handmade. The decorations feature second-hand or household items, like a washing machine door! We spent over 30 minutes taking pictures of many cute little details.

L’eclair De Genie on 12 O. Taktakishvili Str.

What makes L’eclair De Genie an Instagrammable cafe in Tbilisi is the Flamingo wall and its beautiful eclairs that you pity to eat.

The Bartender Bar

The Bartender cocktail bar in Tbilisi is another beautiful Instagram spot. The highlight here is the attractive wall of drinks behind the bar, illuminated by warm yellow lighting. This vibrant display creates a stunning backdrop for capturing great photos of your drink. 

Fabrika Tbilisi

Fabrika Tbilisi is an old Soviet sewing factory turned into a multipurpose venue that combines a hostel, several cafes, bars, and shops. It’s one of the trendiest places in the city with its many Instagrammable cafes in Tbilisi.

You can easily spend a day here wandering through the courtyard shops, admiring various murals, taking photos in the photo bus, and sipping coffee or a cocktail in its vintage lobby bar. However, note that taking pictures with a camera is prohibited; only with your smartphone.

Caffeine by Workin

This tiny coffee place in the Saburtalo area serves delicious and colorful lattes in town. Pink Latte, anyone?

5 Other Instagrammable Spots in Tbilisi

Museum of Selfies

If you really want to up your Insta game, visit the Tbilisi Museum of Selfies, covering 600 sq. meters and featuring around 30 different areas to make fun, beautiful, and unique selfies.

Mtatsminda Park

Sitting on top of the hill and home to the TV Tower, Mtatsminda Park makes one of the best Instagrammable spots in Tbilisi with its amusement park, birds-eye-view of Tbilisi, quirky constructions, and the Ferris Wheel, to name just a few.

Red Bridge at Maglivi TSU Building

This bridge connects Tbilisi State University buildings with the Tskneti district, making a quirky Instagram spot in Tbilisi.

Into the woods at Lisi Lake

Lisi Lake is a favorite place for many locals to have a relaxing stroll on weekends. On hot summer days, it gets packed with families, couples, and a group of friends who enjoy nice weather by walking around the lake, riding a bike, or simply having a picnic.

44 Secret Instagrammable Spots in Tbilisi 66

Chronicles of Georgia a.k.a Georgia Stonehenge

This might not be a secret Instagrammable spot in Tbilisi, but many still don’t know about it.

Located on the outskirts of Tbilisi, Chronicles of Georgia showcases significant scenes from Georgian history. Created in 1985 by famous Georgian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, his massive monument features 16 pillars 30-35 meters in height.

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    1. I would suggest spring. The city is more beautiful and warmer

  2. Gorgeous photos….also are you me? :O I stop to pet every street cat I find 😀

  3. Tbilisi has only come onto my radar recently, but I am hoping to make it one of my city break destinations for next year, I’m intrigued! Great guide, the city is clearly very beautiful 🙂

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