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Fabrika Tbilisi: Fantastic and Inexpensive Hostel to Stay

Finding accommodation for your next trip can be quite exhausting. You need to check out sites, read the reviews and then decide which one you’d like to stay. And if you’re planning a trip to Tbilisi, you don’t need to look further – Fabrika Tbilisi Hostel is the most relaxed budget-friendly hostel I have stayed in so far.

The Story Behind Fabrika Tbilisi

There are hundreds of hostels in Tbilisi, but what distinguishes Fabrika from others is its vibe. Located at 8 Egnate Ninoshvili street, a couple of blocks away from subway stop Marjanishvili, the hostel used to be a sewing factory producing women’s clothes in Soviet Georgia.

After the collapse of Soviet Union in 1990, the factory, as the most of the industrial buildings across the city and the country in general, was shuttered and abandoned. Today, Fabrika is a multifunctional creative space encompassing hostel and suites. Opened a year ago, July 2016, it quickly gained popularity among hipster crowd of local youth and travelers visiting Tbilisi.

Fabrika Tbilisi is all about promoting creativity and fresh ideas. You can quickly notice this from its exterior. Different colorful art mural adorns the gray walls of the old factory. While the interior perfectly combines modern and old furniture.

Here everything is almost untouched. There were a couple of fixes during the renovation period, but the architects left the building as it is. Even the reception desk is a repurposed some kind of machine found in the venue during the restoration.  Old black and white photos showing the life of the sewing factory are perfect add-ons to the modern design.

This contemporary space has everything a traveler can imagine – cafe, live-music performances, different food courts, buzzing nightlife, local artisan shops, co-working space, conference halls and a barber shop to name just a few.

Rooms at Fabrika Tbilisi Hostel

Fabrika has 98 rooms suitable for any budget. Here you can stay in dorms, twin private with bunk beds, private rooms with single and double beds and apartment-style suite with private terrace.

I stayed in twin private with bunk bed – perfect for two people. The room painted in neutral color, and the simplicity of the design creates the illusion that the room is quite big. The bed was very comfortable as well!

I liked the small details of the room – industrial sockets, lamps, table and charges and a narrow shelf near the bed.

The bathroom has all the necessary toiletries like shower gel and soap. There even was a hairdryer. If needed, there are single-use toiletries sold at the reception if you forgot something. Price is reasonable as well.

While I was working in my room during my stay in Fabrika Tbilisi, it was so quiet that I had a feeling I was the only one in the entire building!

  • Dorms: starts from $9.44
  • Twin private with bunk beds: $59
  • Twin private single and private double: $70.80

The Lounge

This is where you step in when you enter the venue. Organic plants, colorful vintage, and modern furniture adorn the polished concrete walls of the building. High ceiling with big windows to the floor brings natural light into the room.

Comfortable sofas, armchairs, and even hammocks await for you to sit, relax, sip a beverage from its cafe, have a lunch and enjoy your stay both in Tbilisi and in Fabrika. You can even bring your laptop and catch up on your work. It’s usually very quiet despite the fact that space is open to the public and there’s always someone sitting somewhere.

Fabrika Tbilisi Hostel

The Courtyard

An enormous paved area features different food vendors, various shops, and a co-working space. Here, you’ll meet local entrepreneurs who bring creative vibe and atmosphere to the complex.

Fabrika Tbilisi Hostel

If you are a vintage-lover and would like to see what Georgian women wore back in the day, head to Flying Painter. They have original clothes from the sewing factory sold in limited numbers. They are brand new, a collection of 1991 with tags!

1991 collection from old factory
Fabrika Tbilisi

Another place you should have a pick is Black Dog Shop which has handmade books, Soviet vintage posters, and unique stickers with Georgian alphabet to name a few.

Craft lovers can find a Ceramic Studio 1300 here, while there’s sports shop for adventure junkies. And if you don’t like your haircut or would like to reshape your beard, barber shop got you covered!

Friday night at the courtyard

And if you need to catch up on your work and need a quiet space, head to Impact Hub Tbilisi. A single entry costs 20 Lari and allows you to work from 9 am to 6 pm using all the amenities it offers.

Day in the yard is tranquil, but if your stay coincides with the weekend, the courtyard gets crowded with locals, travelers, and expats living in Tbilisi.

The Breakfast Buffet

Fabrika Tbilisi

Few hostels around the globe have breakfast included; some have it for an extra cost. So does Fabrika. A meal here costs only $5.90. And what you get for the price is just mouth-dropping.

The back side of the lounge is a breakfast area with an open kitchen where you can see how chefs make your omelet right in front of you.

The menu is very diverse and suites everyone’s taste. You’ll find homemade drinks, freshly baked pastry and bread, homemade yogurt with fruits, cheese, salami plates – everything good and healthy to fire you up with energy for a day.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

  • Free Walking Tours
  • Acro Yoga Classes at Rooftop Terrace (Free)
  • Spin Poi Workshops (Free)
  • Rent a scooter

You can always ask the receptionist or look at the board for upcoming events happening at the venue. You can also check their Facebook page for various events happening here

Overall, I would say that Fabrika is very fresh and lovely place to stay. For the price you pay, you get an excellent service, clean rooms, and friendly atmosphere. I have slept in many different hostels on two continents, and Fabrika is definitely on top of those lodgings.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Fabrika, but all the opinions are honest 

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments down below, or connect with me on my social media channels. I will be happy to assist you as much as possible.

Happy Travels!

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  • Rachelle

    I’ve stayed in some pretty dank hostels before, but Fabrika looks like an awesome place to stay! I love the contemporary/industrial feel to it, as well as the bright colors all around. The pricing is pretty awesome as well. Love this!

  • Eddie

    I love adaptive reuse!! Thanks for sharing this awesome hostel. As a creative, this sounds like the perfect place for me if I ever end up in Tbilisi. Also, thank you for using a wide angle to capture the rooms you were describing, a standard lens is never enough!

  • Brian

    I just visited Tbilisi a few months ago. I think my hotel room ended up costing less than private rooms at this hostel. However, the hotel I stayed in did not have the character of the Fabrika!

  • Kathy Marris

    I’ve never heard of Tbilisi and had to google it to find out what country it was in. Hostels are not my thing. I’ve found them incredibly noisy in the past. But this one looks nice.

  • Lydia Smith

    Wow! Fabrika hostel has a lot to offer than what one would pay for. It’s so inexpensive that I don’t want to believe it till I checked Google. Traveling and accommodation made easy. I don’t mind going to Tbilisi to experience this myself.

  • Baia

    Yup, that’s one of the reasons I liked it. I have paid $10+ for dorms both in Europe and Asia and none of them comes near to the service I got here

  • Nina

    That’s amazing! Georgia seems to be getting more and more popular. I had no idea you get such high quality accommodations for so little price wise.

  • neha

    I like the decor with the contemporary art. And the rooms seem to have been laid out with best utilization of space. They are simple and functional. While the spread of the kitchen looks inviting.

  • Wanderlust Vegans

    Very cool looking hostel. I love the modern feel. We find as we are always looking for a double private room with a bathroom, it is always cheaper to go via airbnb or hotel. Hostels never work out cheaper for us.

  • Sara Broers

    That breakfast buffet looks like a good way to start the day. I love how street art seems to be displayed everywhere around this property. The gathering area looks like a place to meet new people and just an all around nice place to hang out.

  • Ling Ge

    This place has it all! I love the artwork that covers the entire place and the ambiance looks terrific. The space in the lounge looks great and I’m impressed with the breakfast buffet, something that you rarely see in a hostel, and for such affordable pricing.

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