street art in Montreal, Canada
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Enjoy the Street Art in Montreal, Canada

In Montreal, you don’t need to search for hidden alleys or rooftops to catch urban art, in fact, it is the contrary. The city has become a hub for graffiti, murals, and urban art. Luckily, to admire these you don’t need to pay an expensive ticket to a site, these are free and are scattered through the different neighbors. It seems that almost every building and walls are decorated with gigantic works of art giving a vibrant and colorful personality to the city.

street art in Montreal, Canada

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The Saint-Laurent Boulevard, one of Montreal’s busiest street, is where you will find the most graffiti and murals. All you need to do is, stroll down the street and hunt these gems. The boulevard is full of vintage shops and local eateries serving smoked meat, a Montreal signature dish.

If you are visiting the city in June, you must go to the Mural festival. The event showcases more than 80 artists and it is the biggest street art festival in North America. In August, there is also the Under-Pressure festival also shining a light on urban art. During these two festivals, you can catch an artist in action and see how the murals come to life.

Street Art in Montreal, Canada

street art in Montreal, Canada
street art in Montreal, Canada
street art in Montreal, Canada

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  • Eric Gamble

    I have never heard of Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal Canada but looking at all of those Murals makes me want to go there now. What an amazing street of art. Murals always blow my mind in that they create such amazing works on such a massive scale. I love the use of colors and such detail with all of the street art in Montreal.
    Going to have to really check into the Mural festival too. Thanks!

  • Followingtherivera

    I’ve not yet travelled to Montreal, but it looks like a great city. And spotting street art around the town is something I love to see! Will look out for these works if I ever visit one day.

  • Brianna

    Discovering street art is one of my favorite budget friendly activities in a new city! It’s always cool to see the different designs in each city and how the artwork differs with culture.

  • Verena

    The street art is amazing! I love it when a city brings color into the streets – especially during the grey and cold winter 🙂

  • Nathan

    The street art you have shown us here in Montreal looks absolutely spectacular. However, the concept of street art is rather foreign to us in Singapore, as it is deemed as vandalism and is illegal, so we are only able to admire these artistic expressions overseas. It definitely brightens up the dull city scene and makes it look more lively!

  • Jas

    I’m a HUGE mural art fan and I’ve been meaning to explore more of my own country too so this is perfect! And I’ve never gone mural watching on snowy days but I love that even amidst the dark winter months, these colors really pop and bring vibrancy to the city!

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