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Top 8 Cheap and Free Things to Do in Fort Worth, Texas

When you think of Fort Worth, Texas, visions of cowboys and horses probably instantly appear in your mind. I mean, Fort Worth is the wild west, right? Well, not really!  While you can see some of that, the true Fort Worth of today isn’t carved straight out of an old western. Fort Worth is actually one of the top destinations in the state of Texas, and rightfully so. Fort Worth is full of world-class museums, dance halls, awesome parks, and wonderful food.

It’s worth noting that all of that excitement can easily break the bank if you aren’t careful. So, to help stretch your travel dollar, I have put together this list of very cheap and free things to do in Fort Worth, Texas!

Cheap and Free Things to Do in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

things to do in Fort Worth Texas

The beauty of the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens can be enjoyed year round, and the majority of the gardens are free! The Fort Worth Botanical Gardens is actually the oldest botanic garden in Texas. Housing more than 2,500 species in over 23 gardens, it’s a must see no matter what the season. Roam around the rose garden or explore the Texas boardwalk area while visiting the gardens. If you don’t mind spending a little money, you can also visit the Japanese tea gardens and feed the koi!

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

The stellar Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth will allow you to visit for free on Sundays and half price on Wednesdays. This world-class museum houses over 3,000 pieces of art with all forms of media represented.

Kimbell Art Museum

The Kimbell is located in the cultural district of Fort Worth. This world-class museum houses works of art from renowned artists such as Picasso and Monet. Although some exhibits have an entry fee, the general exhibits are absolutely free!

Fort Worth Stockyards

You can’t come to Fort Worth and not experience the western heritage. Visitors to the Stockyards are treated to the Herd Cattle Drive daily at 11:30 am and 4:00 pm. Enjoy walking around the brick walkways and exploring the wooden cattle corrals before entering the World’s Largest Honky Tonk, Billy Bob’s Texas.

things to do in Fort Worth Texas

While here, be sure and go inside the Livestock Exchange Building and tour the little museum found on the first floor outlining the history of this area. For a small fee, kids can try to escape from the Cattle Pen Maze, or the family could learn about famous Texas cowboys at the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Sundance Square

Sundance Square is a great area located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth. Here you will find 35-blocks of shops, restaurants, bars and art galleries. Relax in the plaza while watching the kids play in the fountains before window shopping at the boutique stores surrounding this area.  Don’t forget to pop into the many art galleries as well.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

Located right in the middle of downtown Fort Worth, you will find an urban park that celebrates water! The Fort Worth Water Gardens are said to be an oasis in the middle of the city. The main attraction is a vast waterfall with stepping stones descending all the way down into it.

things to do in Fort Worth Texas

Once at the bottom, you find yourself surrounded by water. As you continue to explore the gardens, you will find a meditation pool, several fountains all surrounded by gorgeous trees to help shade you from the Texas heat.

JFK Tribute

The historical location where JFK spoke to a crowd of people just before his death is commemorated just outside of the Hilton Hotel in Fort Worth. Come and pay your respects and view the beautiful bronze statue honoring President Kennedy.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

The Fort Worth Bureau of Engraving and Printing is open to the public and is free to visit. Making over half of the nation’s currency at this one site makes this tour worth the money! LOL! See how currency is made on your self-guided tour after you have viewed the exhibits on display in the Bureau’s museum.

As you can see, there are so many things to do in Fort Worth that won’t break the bank. For even more great ideas, read That Texas Couple’s article 50 Free Things to Do in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Michelle is the writing half of the blogging duo, That Texas Couple. She and her husband, Marty, love to travel the world every chance they get. Their blog, That Texas Couple, focuses on budget travel for couples. While Marty and Michelle are both full-time public servants, that doesn't stop them from seeing the world, and they hope to inspire others to travel as often as possible no matter what their circumstances. They offer gorgeous photos, inspiring stories, and practical tips to help their readers achieve their travel dreams


  • Resfeber

    Funnily enough, I was just looking at Forth Worth with someone today. I hear the art galleries are great and the gardens look cool. Looks just as interesting as Dallas.

  • Amy @ Family Globetrotters

    Great list! Although I can’t say this has ever been on my list of places to visit. Perhaps i should look into a bit more. The water gardens look amazing! For me…. I would want to experience some serious cowboy culture!

  • Nathan

    Indeed, Texas immediately conjures images of cowboys and the Wild Wild West.

    I’d certainly love to glean some of those vibes and learn more about their culture from the stockyards at Fort Worth. The Water Gardens look amazing and picturesque, offering a rejuvenating feeling.

  • Kavita Favelle

    I’ve never really thought about Fort Worth as a travel destination for tourism, but can see that there are some things I’d enjoy if I visited. I love Botanical Gardens, so that’s a great start, and I know I’d enjoy browsing the shops, bars, cafes and restaurants in Sundance Square. The Water Gardens look utterly gorgeous, really photogenic as well.

  • Claire

    I would love to visit the Fort Worth stockyards! My Dad went a few years back and loved it 🙂 Texas looks like a state offering so much variety and interesting things to do!

  • Meet Saxena

    It is such a great information because it will help all the people who wants to spend time and also enjoying in free of cost. Thanks for sharing.

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