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    Budget Travel tips from Europe to the USA

    The USA is a vast and diverse country, which has a lot on offer for travelers to discover, see, and enjoy. No wonder why planning a trip to the country from Europe may seem like an extremely expensive affair. However, the truth is – with a bit of careful planning, you can get cheap deals to reach the USA from Europe and even have a budget trip across the country. If you don’t believe it, here are some budget travel tips from Europe to the USA. Disclaimer: Sponsored content Book your flights early and avoid peak season Since air travel would take the biggest chunk of your travel budget, it’s…

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    How to Tour the White House

    The New Year has brought new adventures for my family and Adventure & Chill. We started off 2018 with a trip to Washington, D.C. The kids didn’t know, but I had acquired passes to tour the White House. Yes, a White House Tour. All photos are shot with an iPhone X since cameras with detachable lenses are prohibited. This post is not political but one of education, architecture, history, and travel. How to tour the White House During the Clinton Administration, I was able to tour the White House on an eighth-grade D.C. field trip. It was memorable, and I wanted to recreate that for my children. Fast forward to 2018,…

  • things to do in Fort Worth Texas
    Guest Post,  USA

    Top 8 Cheap and Free Things to Do in Fort Worth, Texas

    When you think of Fort Worth, Texas, visions of cowboys and horses probably instantly appear in your mind. I mean, Fort Worth is the wild west, right? Well, not really!  While you can see some of that, the true Fort Worth of today isn’t carved straight out of an old western. Fort Worth is actually one of the top destinations in the state of Texas, and rightfully so. Fort Worth is full of world-class museums, dance halls, awesome parks, and wonderful food. It’s worth noting that all of that excitement can easily break the bank if you aren’t careful. So, to help stretch your travel dollar, I have put together…

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