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When traveling to a new city, the first thing I usually do after arriving at my destination is to head to the Tourist Information Center and ask for the map of the city. However, this digital era has shifted the way I travel. There are various travel apps I use to plan my trips, but then, I rely on map apps to guide me through the destination. And in order to make your travels stress free, I teamed up with GPSmyCity to turn some of my best city guides into digital travel guide apps.

What is a digital travel guide app?

Imagine a scenario. You are a reader of my blog and decided to go on a trip exploring one of the cities I describe on my blog. You can’t remember everything I talk about or write down tonnes of notes. Yes, you can save it for offline reading on your browser or screenshot the spot, but why go to so much trouble when you can have everything under your fingertips on your mobile? This is where this digital travel guide comes in.

This whole concept is new. As most of the people are shifting from paper to mobile, those digital travel guide enables to explore a city hustle-free. Wonder how? Let me explain.

You can download them onto your mobile for free and read them offline for free anywhere you want, be it on an airplane, at the beach, in public transport, or wherever! The biggest advantage of having them is to upgrade for a small fee in order to enable GPS-guided mode.

Those articles have GPS coordinates embedded in them, so if you want to visit the same spot I mention in the article or the hidden gem that’s a bit hard to find, you can easily follow the route by clicking Go There button next to the landmark I explained. The route will be planned for you from the place you are standing. The route gives you walking, driving, or cycling instructions!

And did I mention that the GPS-guided version works offline? So no more roaming or local sim cards necessary.

How does the app work?

The digital travel guide is available on both GooglePlay and AppStore. All you have to do is to download GPSmyCity app and register with your email. Afterward, you’ll need to search the destination you are planning to go. The app will show all the articles and walking routes of that city. Once you find the article, you press Map to save it to your downloaded folder. Once finished downloading, you can see the spots mentioned in the article on the map.

What is the cost?

As I said, downloading any article on GPSmyCity app is free. Upgrading for GPS-guided route costs somewhere around $2. You can also find city guide backs for Germany, France, Italy, and the UK to name a few. Those packs cost $4.99, but with an annual subscription for $18.99, you have access to all the city walk guides and travel articles of more than 1,000 cities worldwide.

Which of my digital travel guides you can find in the app?

For now, we have turned 8 of my blog posts into GPS-guided digital travel guides. However, we are working on to bring you more content in upcoming months.

And now over to you!

As a thank you for being an avid reader and an enthusiastic traveler, we have decided to give away the upgrades to some of those digital travel guides for FREE. This way you’ll understand how the app works and how fantastic it is to use on your travels.

Once you give it a try, let me know either here or at any social media.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments down below, or connect with me on my social media channels. I will be happy to assist you as much as possible.

Happy Travels! 

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