Cosmo – Authentic Georgian Bags & Accessories [Company Overview]

Georgia is a country of handmade items, be it different accessories, shoes, or clothes made from textiles, leather, or even knitted or carved out of wood. Depending on what you are looking for, you can always find something that suits your taste and style. And if you are after truly rare and authentic Georgian souvenirs and accessories, check out Cosmo, a company offering one-of-a-kind items. 

Why Cosmo? 

Back in 2015, Cosmo started as a hobby of Sophi Mukhilishvili and Tamo Aptsiauri. Their first products were simple beads, necklaces, and straps for sunglasses sold via Facebook. From the revenue and a capita of 600 GEL, they opened the first shop on top of Varketili Metro in 2016. Throughout their journey, Cosmo has developed into one of the biggest handmade accessory companies in the country. 

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It offers so many choices of all the different products and color combinations that your head might spin. Here, you can find a wide array of earrings, bracelets, rings, pins, wallets, bags; you name it!. And the majority of their product is made from natural and chamois leather. 

One of the main priorities is high quality, customer-oriented production, incorporating traditional elements and evolvement over the years. They are dedicated to what they create, with an increased sense of responsibility towards their customers. Each item they make goes over several stages of testing, which can take anywhere from six months to a year until it sees the light and hits the shelves

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Their new campaign #გააცოცხლეისტორია or #revivethehistory focuses on incorporating traditional Georgian ornaments in their designs. They have acquired a collaboration with a researcher and a professor at Tbilisi State Academy. The latter gave them rights for using the digital versions of these ornaments she revives for her students. These ornaments come from churches, textile, bridle, saddle, or a crown to name a few. And to top it off, they use Georgian, local walnut wood details for uniqueness and authenticity. 

This campaign also revived the old Georgian alphabet to create bags and rings based on different letters. 

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Unique Cosmo bags with traditional ornaments

The shape, size, and design distinguish the products of Cosmo. While the choice is vast, here are some of the top picks if you are looking for authentic Georgian accessories or souvenirs

King Tamara’s Crown: King Tamara was the only female ruler of the country back in the 12-13th centuries and was titled as a King instead of a Queen. Inspired by her crown, this natural leather handbag is a new collection of Cosmo, where the ornament duplicates the form of the crown. The bag, offered in different colors, also has another traditional Georgian decoration carved on the wood. 

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Chokhcha: chokha is a traditional male woolen coat worn in the Caucasus region. People widely used it from the 9th century till the early 20th. And when the Soviets rules the area, the usage of chokha declined. Today, it’s mainly used for festive and ceremonial occasions. 

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Chokhcha bags come in different materials, colors, and shapes. There are fanny packs as well as shoulder handbags. Moreover, these design is registered at the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia, Sakpatenti, as having a rare design with no replica elsewhere in the world. 

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Tani and Doni: these are old Georgian alphabet letters “t” and “d.” Made from natural leather materials, Tani can be used as a clutch and a shoulder bag, while Doni is a refined version of a fanny pack and a waist bag, that perfectly suits sophisticated and businesswomen style. 

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Woodly: probably one of the most widely sold bags at Cosmo, Woodly is a classic featuring 11th-century ornament found in Mestia on its sides. And like any other product, it’s made from natural leather and comes in different colors. 

Can Cosmo customize your order? 

Depending on what kind of accessory you are interested in, they can customize it for you. However, to have an idea, they can make customized engravings on leather wallets and paintings on the wooden detail of their handpainted bags. The best way is to contact them directly and tell them what you are looking for. The staff is amicable and eager to fulfill your wishes as much as they can. 

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Where to buy Cosmo bags and accessories

If you are already in Georgia, Cosmo has several stands in the major shopping malls in Tbilisi, including City Mall and its branches, stands at East Point, a workshop at 300 Aragveli metro stop, and a showroom at City Mall Saburtalo.  

However, if you already left the country, you can still order it online via their website or even through Etsy shop. They ship worldwide! For questions or inquiries, contact them on Facebook

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