Best Coffee in Tbilisi: 10 Cafes in Tbilisi for Coffee Lovers


If you’re a coffee lover, Tbilisi is a city that will delight your senses. From cozy and intimate coffee shops to trendy and modern cafes, the city has unique spots that cater to every taste and preference. Whether you’re looking for a quick caffeine fix or a place to spend a lazy afternoon, Tbilisi’s coffee scene has got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore cafes that serve the best coffee in Tbilisi to satisfy your coffee cravings and leave you wanting more.

Where to find the best coffee in Tbilisi 

Georgia’s capital has quickly developed a coffee culture in the past few years, with roasters and specialty coffee cafes in Tbilisi opening quite often that I sometimes can’t keep track of.  

The country has become a jewel for digital nomads since the pandemic, so more and more people are looking for laptop-friendly and best coffee shops in Tbilisi with good Wifi and delicious coffee. However, if you are after proper coworking spaces in Tbilisi, I got you covered on that as well. 

In this list, I include my favorite places to find the best coffee in Tbilisi. 

Specialty coffee in Tbilisi Map 

I made a Google Maps list of all the Tbilisi coffee spots you can save and follow. 

Shavi Coffee Roasters

Shavi Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roastery located in the Vera district, serving the best coffee in Tbilisi, hands down! I mean, have you tried a coffee that had a distinctive strawberry flavor? 

The company was founded with a passion for high-quality coffee and a desire to share the unique flavors of coffee. They source their beans from carefully selected farms worldwide, including Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, and Costa Rica.

They roast beans in small batches to ensure the best possible flavor profile. Shavi Coffee Roasters also supplies many Tbilisi coffee shops, so you may have already tasted them without knowing. 

This small but spacious coffee shop in Tbilisi has plenty of tables to sit at. I especially loved the bar seating at the street-facing window! 

The simple menu offers hand and batch brews and classic Cappucino, Latte, and Flat White. They also provide non-coffee drinks such as Chai Tea, Matcha Tea, and hot chocolate, to name a few.

As for food, they have cakes and pastries that go great with the coffee. I also love the fact that they pour coffee in mugs rather than smaller cups!

The cozy and welcoming atmosphere of the coffee shop, combined with the delicious aroma of freshly roasted coffee, make Shavi Coffee Roasters a must-visit destination for coffee lovers in Tbilisi.

Santino Modcoffeebar Tbilisi

Boasting the most extensive coffee menu in Georgia with unique coffee recipes from around the world, Santino Modcoffeebar serves one of the best coffee in Tbilisi.

Located on Atoneli street, the cafe features a sleek and modern design, with plenty of natural light and an outdoor seating area. The black-and-white checkered chairs in front of the cafe resemble the outdoor seating of any Parisian restaurant. 

The menu is like a coffee magazine or a catalog with at least four pages offering coffee and coffee-based drinks, even cocktails!

In addition to espresso-based drinks, pour-overs, and cold brews, you can try Italian dessert coffee or country-based coffees, for example, Singapore Latte, Moroccan and Vietnamese style coffee, Golden Indian Latte, or Cortado, to name just a few. 

Their food menu is as extensive as their coffee menu, making it one of the best breakfast spots in Tbilisi. Their curd pancakes and Italian closed sandwiches called Tramezzini are delicious. 

Avocado lovers will appreciate their one-page spread of ‘Avocaderia,’ offering various avocado-based meals.    

Coffee LAB

Probably the veteran cafe in this list of the best coffee in Tbilisi, known for its exceptional coffee quality and unique brewing techniques.

Founded in 2016 with the first and still primal branch at Kazbegi Ave, the team behind Coffee LAB uses premium beans and experiments with different brewing methods to create a variety of flavorful and aromatic drinks. 

Like Shavi Coffee Roastery, Coffee LAB roasts its beans in-house and distributes them to various Tbilisi cafes, coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants. 

With five branches in Tbilisi, Coffee LAB offers cold brew, pour-over, and classic coffees and an extensive food menu for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. 

Daily Grind

Daily Grind is another cute cafe offering one of the best coffee in Tbilisi on Kote Abkhazi street near Freedom Square. This small venue is cozy, while the modern decor provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for customers to relax and enjoy their coffee. 

The beautiful tiles on the floor, big windows at the front, and exposed brick walls make it one of the Instagrammable cafes in Tbilisi.

Best Coffee in Tbilisi: 10 Cafes in Tbilisi for Coffee Lovers 3

A charming in-house cat will steal your comfy armchair or distract you from your work if you want things done on your laptop. 

The cafe offers a wide selection of coffee blends, including pour-over and espresso-based drinks and delicious pastries and snacks. Their beans come from another Tbilisi cafe, Groovy Roasters (listed below), which imports them from international farmers. 

Besides the batch brew, Espresso, and Americano, they also offer Aeropress and V60 and white coffees such as Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, and Raf. The menu also includes non-coffee and alcoholic drinks. The only con I find at this place is that an 18% VAT tax is not written on the menu hanging on the wall. 

Groovy Roasters

Groovy Roasters is a roastery serving specialty coffee in Tbilisi. The cafe is atmospheric and cozy, with a warm and inviting interior with plenty of seating options and natural light flowing from floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Best Coffee in Tbilisi: 10 Cafes in Tbilisi for Coffee Lovers 4

Their beans come from Tanzania, Indonesia (Sumatra island), Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and beyond.

Besides the classic coffee, they have a wide selection of flavored Raf coffee, including lavender, coconut, hazelnut, caramel, and cherry, to name just a few. The food menu is also extensive, with various splendid options to start your day and stop here for lunch.

They also have delicious cakes. I’ve tried their honey and walnut cake – very filling, sweet, and full of walnuts. 


Pulp, a local family-owned cafe, serves specialty coffee in Tbilisi with a wide range of coffee blends from international farmers. 

Their small menu includes black and white coffee, cold brews, and non-coffee drinks. Additionally, they have natural wines, pet nats, and ciders from local small entrepreneurs.

coffee in tbilisi

Pulp also organizes brunch in collaboration with local chefs, like Lebanese Mezze platter or Turkish Brunch, for instance, and wine tastings with a professional sommelier. Most importantly, they occasionally bring beans from different countries, making their drinks quite diverse.  

The cafe’s minimalist and modern decor creates a comfortable and stylish atmosphere for customers to enjoy coffee and food.

Unity Kava

Located near Freedom Square, this small coffee shop in Tbilisi offers various coffee, including black and white coffee, non-coffee drinks, and specials such as Irish Coffee, Creme Soda, Cap Orange, and others. 

coffee in tbilisi

The seating is minimal, with a few wooden tables in front of the venue on the pedestrian road. Therefore, it makes a perfect takeaway coffee in Tbilisi when exploring the historic neighborhood of Sololaki. 

Caffeine by Workin

Caffeine by Workin is a tiny coffee shop in Tbilisi’s Saburtalo district. The interior is minimalist, with only a few tables to sit down to enjoy your cup of coffee. 

Their menu offers classic coffee, Aeropress, V60, and non-coffee drinks like Matcha lattes. If you are looking for one more Instagrammable spots in Tbilisi to feature a perfectly made pink latte that’s also quite delicious, stop by here. They also have various cakes and cookies on display.

Milk Coffee Shop

Milk Coffee Shop, nestled in the courtyard of Fabrika Tbilisi, is known for its high-quality specialty coffee and friendly atmosphere.

coffee in tbilisi

The menu includes hot and cold brews, milkshakes, hot chocolate, smoothies, breakfast bowls, crepes, and croissants. The coffee counter also has pastries and handmade chocolates made in the chocolaterie at Cafe Stamba.

Eleven Window

Eleven Window, hidden in the backstreets of the Mtatsminda neighborhood, is nested on the ground floor of a residential building. The cozy and inviting atmosphere of the cafe is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

The cafe’s interior design features brick and stone uncovered walls, Georgian carpets, and vintage items. A circular central table features different cakes and pastries to accompany your cup of coffee. 

They offer many coffee varieties and even host events dedicated to presenting a coffee-producing country. 

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