best travel accessories

9 Best Travel Accessories You Need to Own

Having proper travel accessories is very important for traveling comfortably. With so many choices out there, it might be difficult to choose which one to buy. Here is the list of those best travel accessories l use pretty much every time I travel.

Best Travel Accessories: Toiletry bottles

best travel accessories

It’s not news that you have limits on luggage, therefore bringing a whole bottle of shampoo, conditioner and face cleaner not only increases your weight but also takes up space in your bag. The best solution for those are the small toiletry bottles, and the best thing about them is that you can place them in your carry on bag and no one will say anything.

Best Travel Accessories: Toiletry bag

best travel accessories

I like having everything organized in my bag, so I don’t go all ballistic on it to find a small bottle of a face cleaner. One of the best travel accessories I have is the bag for my toiletries. Here I can fit almost everything I need: razor, q-tips, band-aids, toothbrush and toothpaste, medicine, etc. Plus, the hook enables me to hang it in a bathroom to have everything on hand.

Best Travel Accessories: Headphones

best travel accessories

Quite recently I got hooked on listening to audiobooks, and these Skullcandy headphones became my go-to item when I travel. I know it seems bulky and it is, but it reduces the outside noise, has excellent sound and is wireless!

Best Travel Accessories: Neck pillow

Neck pillows are one of the best travel accessories anyone should have, especially when you have a long flight or road trips. It’s self-explanatory, and if you don’t have one, get it asap.

Best Travel Accessories: Sleeping mask

I use sleeping masks not only when I travel but on a daily basis as well. I have had so many of them I cant keep the track. But very recently I tried the mask with a gel inside to reduce eye puffiness. Great invention!

Best Travel Accessories: Passport wallet

I got this one when I was planning my 213DaysinAsia trip. Those wallets have lots of space where you can store all your travel documents in one place. The size of it perfectly fits boarding pass, vaccination documents, passports, money, credit cards, etc. It’s a bit bulky to use as an everyday wallet during your travels, but it’s a great travel accessory to hide all the valuables in the inside pockets of your backpack.

Best Travel Accessories: Microfiber towel

Microfiber towels are a great thing to have; they dry fast, doesn’t take too much space in the bag and can take anywhere you want.

Best Travel Accessories: Packing bags

This packing bags are great for hiking or taking bulky clothes. The containers enable you to fit lots of clothes and press them to fit everything in the backpack. It’s similar to packing cubes, but are different in shape and volume.

Best Travel Accessories: Foldable backpack

This is a new addition to my accessories and is excellent as a day pack to wander through the cities. The volume of those bags is 10L and fits everything perfectly. Plus they are so tiny you can even carry in your pockets.

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