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How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets

It’s not news that the most prominent expense when planning your trip is airline tickets. It’s almost impossible to find the cheap airline tickets and score a great deal. Yes, there are low-cost airlines where you can buy tickets at $15 if you are lucky, but sometimes that’s not an option.

Thus, there are some tips and tricks you can use to find tickets cheaper, and I am going to teach you how!

Tips How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets

  • First, remember that it takes lot of time and effort to find cheap flights
  • Use incognito window when looking at flights. Search engines tend to observe your searching behavior so that it will show you high price
  • Book airline tickets at least four months ahead. It’s better if you buy tickets six months ahead
  • Sign-up for newsletter or price alert emails
  • If you are a traveler and plan on traveling around the country, always purchase one-way ticket and fly out from another city
  • Follow airlines on social media to see promotional posts
  • Use Skyscanner, Kiwi, and eDreams

Break Up Your Ticket

When planning your next vacation, you might never consider breaking up your ticket and destinations. What I mean is that you need to fly out from a hub airport. For example, I live in Tbilisi, Georgia, and the nearest hub airport for me is Istanbul, Turkey.

Usually, flights from Tbilisi are costly and breaking up my ticket to Tbilisi-Istanbul and Istanbul-Whatever is much cheaper than direct Tbilisi-Whatever. Here is the example: I am going to Dubrovnik, Croatia in Septemeber and flights from Tbilisi to Dubrovnik on Skyscanner for one person one-way is:

Look at this! In January this year, I bought tickets from Istanbul to Dubrovnik, with a 20-hour layover in Athens for only $124.88 for two people. Not only I scored the cheapest ticket in my life for such a long trip, but I got to visit Athens as well. That’s a double win for me!

And a ticket from Tbilisi to Istanbul is just around the same price – about $60-70. With this expensive ticket, I would get a 14h layover in Moscow without being able to leave the airport.

Oh, I hear you saying “What about the return ticket?” I am getting there, just bear with me!

Check the Website of the Airline

Once you find the ticket that is most relevant to your travel plans. Don’t buy tickets via ticket search sites right away. Go directly to the website of the airline. Usually, the search platform adds their tax and the price is a bit higher here.

However, sometimes that’s not the case either, especially when buying ticket very early. Like I did. When I found the ticket with Aegean Airlines on Skyscanner, I looked at the website, and the flights in September were not up yet. So I had to go to eDreams and buy my ticket there.

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Sometimes, the price on the official websites is higher than at ticket search sites. So you need to check everything to find the best deal. As I said, it’s time-consuming and requires efforts.

Sign Up for Price Alerts

One of the best features Skyscanner has is the price alerts. You can set up email alerts to any destination you search for and get instant emails when price change. However, you need to be quick. I got this email and was late for ONLY 10 minutes, and the prices were up. But I still paid less – $88 for two tickets.

Find the Return Ticket

Okay, so I plan on spending 20 days in Croatia starting from Dubrovnik and moving up till the capital Zagreb. Flights from Zagreb to Tbilisi or Istanbul are expensive.

cheap airline tickets

So I looked at the nearest airport where Wizzair flys and found Budapest. One more city to explore. Yes, I have been there, but it was in 2012 on a field trip from the university. Now I want to explore it differently, plus Oto (my husband) haven’t seen it. So why not?

I paid a bit more for the flight from Budapest to Kutaisi (the second largest city of Georgia) than I was planning to. But that’s my fault in a way. I bought it a bit later as I was still deciding to prolong the trip or come back home. I am a travel junkie, I know! 

How much did I save in the end?

For two people TbilisiDubrovnik would have been $478 plus $133 Budapest-Kutaisi = $611 

My payment for two people: $88 for TbilisiIstanbul + $124.88 for Istanbul-Dubrovnik + $133 for Budapest-Kutaisi = $345.88

Therefore, I saved $265.12

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  • amar rathore

    Your pics are awesome. Honestly, there was so much interesting information and details I wanted to know more about that I would have kept coming back if this

  • Susie

    Great tips, it’s incredible you saved so much money! I recently purchased two separate one way tickets from Fiji to Australia and I saved some dollars. Gotta do this more often!

  • Suma

    Really helpful tips on finding cheap flights and saving money. I’m always in look out for cheap flights as I plan my travels, but sometimes due to time constraints I end up spending more than I intended to. Bookmarking your post for future reference, this makes my life so much easier.

  • David

    Great tips here! I love long layovers and blogged about them myself (I had long layovers in Ghana, Ethiopia and Vietnam this year) and your layover in Stjens really jumped out at me! Can’t wait to read about what you saw while you were in Greece.

  • Anushka

    I really like the tip of breaking up ticket, even we sometimes does .
    But it works best if done from same airline.. since if one flight get delayed at least the other will be compensated

  • Marvi

    I’m constantly on the look-out for cheap tickets for my travel plans.. Booking in advance and signing up for email alerts are definitely my favorite way of getting those tickets.. Will definitely consider using incognito the next time I do, though. Didn’t know about that.. Coo tips! 😀

  • Izzy

    These tips are everything!!! You don’t know how much time I’ve spent racking my brain on how to measure the best time to buy tickets but everything you’ve shared is tried and tested! I think it’s extremely important that you shared to go directly to the source. Most people forget that travel flight search engines only redirect users to third-party booking sites anyways so you’re still paying a middleman.

  • Ami

    I generally subscribe for those alerts on skyscanner and last year was good for I managed quite a few good tickets owing to the price alerts. Miles too contributed to making air travel easier. Thanks for the additional tips that you have included.

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