Internet and smartphones did change the way we plan our next vacation and travel. Let’s face it – who needs travel agents and agencies when you can do all of this on your own and even save up some money. I know how travel planning can be exhausting for some, but it can be a lot of fun once you get a hang of it. And to make this process somewhat comfortable and less painful for you, I have decided to show you several free travel apps I use on the road.

Best FREE travel apps I can’t travel without

This post is not about those travel apps that will help you to plan your trip. [But, if that’s what you are interested in, please let me know in the comments and I’ll show you my all-time favorite travel planning apps]. Here, I will talk about those smartphone applications that are very handy during any vacation, be it at the beach, hiking in the middle of nowhere or exploring cities.


TripIt is my favorite, number one, free travel app I use all the time. The app shows pretty much everything you want it to show. It gives you a nice visual of all the airline tickets, hotels, and tours you have booked.

How it works: you need to sign up and download the application on your mobile. Use the same email you use to book the flights, tours, or hotels so it automatically synchronizes everything with your phone. And if something goes wrong and nothing is imported, you can always send the confirmation email of your booking to a special TripIt email. And it shows up right away.

There is a paid version too, which alerts you if your plane is delayed or canceled, enables you to get the desired seat on the plane, or find alternative flights fast if your’s canceled.

Among all the map applications, this is my savior. I prefer over Google! It works perfectly without the internet and can find you literally in the middle of nowhere. Its navigation option is good too. And besides giving you directions, showing the landmarks, or helping you find a place to stay or eat, it shows public transportation, car rentals, parking places, entertainment venues, and shopping centers to name a few. Pretty much everything you need to know.

How it works: You need to download the area you are traveling to. Once it locates you, you can put the destination point and see the route either by car, foot, train, or even a bicycle. You can also bookmark places you want to visit or your hotel’s location to find it easier every time.

And if you have not idea what to see and do in a new city, has a ‘discover nearby’ feature which provides all the venues within your current location, such as hotels, attractions, dining places and even local guides to hire.


If you are like me and want to know local spots in town, TravelStoke is one of the best free travel apps for it out there. Created by Matador Network, one of the biggest travel blogs on the internet, the application provides interesting spots almost everywhere in the world.

How it works: When you sign up and open the app, it will generate all the spots near you based on your location. Additionally, you can filter those spots according to different categories. Browse through those spots and discover unique places. Additionally, if you have a question and need assistance from fellow locals or travelers, you can post it and get quick answers from the community. You can also add your spots to the application to make it even more engaging and useful for others.

But if you are planning ahead, you can use the search bar to give you interesting spots within the city, as well as show you locals if you’d like to interact with them.

But if you are planning ahead, you can use the search bar to give you interesting spots within the city, as well as show you locals if you’d like to interact with them.

4Google Trips

Google Trips is a relatively new addition to the travel planning apps. It generates all the activities, landmarks, and things you need to know based on the spots enlisted on Google Maps.

How it works: It’s quite similar to TripIt. Once you sign in to your Google account, it will synchronize all the bookings you made with that email and display on your home screen. You can then download the area for offline use or browse it to see what the app offers. The application shows your reservations, things to do, dining venues, and getting around information.

One of the best features I found was its ‘day plans’ option. This provides a must-see landmarks plan for the city you are visiting, based on Google’s own data. You can choose ready-made plan or create your own with your saved spots.

One of the best features I found was its ‘day plans’ option. This provides a must-see landmarks plan for the city you are visiting, based on Google’s own data. You can choose ready-made plan or create your own with your saved spots.

5XE Currency

When traveling to a country with different currency then your home country, it’s always is a good idea to have a currency converter app on your mobile. There are dozens, if not hundreds of accidents when travelers got scammed. So, this way you’ll make sure that no one is fooling you.

Other apps I use during traveling


When taking a bus or a train between the cities, or I have a long flight ahead, I like to have something to read or listen to. Pocket is a great application to save different articles you want to read but don’t have time at that moment. You can install a Google Chrome extension to easily add those articles to your Pocket. One of the features I like is the ability to add tags to articles this enables me to find what I want to read next easily.

And the great thing about the application is that, once it is synchronized with your mobile or tablet, you don’t need an internet connection!

7eReader Prestigio

I like reading ebooks on my android tablet. Even though I use Kindle app for most of my ebooks, sometimes I get pirate versions in different formats that I can’t open in Kindle app. Therefore, I found eReader Prestigio, a multi-format and lingual reading app, where you can also listen to audiobooks. The app has a store library with more than 50,000 books.

The app supports epub, fb2, html, zip, pdf, epub3, txt, and mobi. Additionally, it has Text-to-Speech function, where you can listen to any book.


Recently I discovered a nice application for those who like listening to podcasts, radio, or audiobooks. With its wide range of different genres, CastBox enables you to listen to anything either online or offline. You just need to download an episode and that’s it. Ready to go!


Snapseed is a great application for editing and retouching your photos on mobile. Most of the photos on this blog have been edited there until I have discovered the Adobe Lightroom. The application is like a small photoshop, with lots of options for you to play with and decide what you like the most. And for those who are lazy to add filters manually, Snapseed has some ready made ones you can apply to your photos.

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  1. Hey thanks for a useful blog post on travel apps. This is gonna come very handy to me in my future trips! I use google mostly but now i plan to use TripIt.

  2. I use three of these right now but will definitely have to check out the others! Snapseed is my favorite editor and Maps.Me has saved my life quite a bit. I’ve heard of Pocket so I’ll definitely check that out.

  3. Well, I might be in the minority here as I am not an apps person. No fancy apps for me. The only two apps I use are Google Maps and TripAdvisor – both simple and convenient to use. That said you have compiled a useful list for those who do use travel apps.

  4. Some of these are really cool. I use apps for booking accommodation and flights etc. but never actually use them whilst im actually at the destination. Going to download trip it right now!

  5. Excellent list of apps. A few I know about and there are several I want to check out. I find Pocket to be useful. I want to check out Goggle Trips.

  6. I’ve always liked using Snapseed, a lot of the others I have never heard of! The travel stoke app looks great and I certainly will start using it! Thanks for this!

  7. Great list! I already have Currency and Snapseed, but I need to definitely check out There’s nothing worse than having low battery and needing to figure out how to get somewhere and using up all your juice to download a map! I might even add a translator app to your list. You never know when you’ll need to communicate with someone who doesn’t understand your language!

  8. I knew a couple of these apps but not all of them. Because I am in Portugal right now I already downloaded google trips and travelstoke. I am going to try them out now. Thanks! 🙂

  9. I’m not a very well-planned traveler. Hence, I don’t believe in using much apps. However, I totally rely on Google maps and Snapseed while traveling.

    Google trips look interesting. Will surely try it on my next trip.

  10. I havent heard of ANY Of these!! This is amazing!!! TravelStoke & Tripit are a huge interest to me!! Just downloaded them while reading!! I can’t wait to test them out as I have a few trips coming up!!


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