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Sairme Resort – An Excellent Retreat You Didn’t Know About

Georgia is home to dozens of balneological and mineral water springs. Just like Borjomi or Likani, Sairme resort was a popular destination for many during Soviet times. Today, it boasts with high standard hotels nested between coniferous and deciduous forests. This small townlet is a perfect getaway from Tbilisi for a weekend or as a day trip from Kutaisi. And besides relaxing in the spa, there are a couple of activities you can do to make your stay here even more enjoyable.

sairme resort

What makes Sairme resort a special place

Sairme resort, located in Bagdati Municipality, is about 245 km from Tbilisi and an hour drive from Kutaisi. It is considered to be the only resort with four different water springs and one thermal water; all of them having curative purposes and treats several diseases.

sairme resort

According to a legend, the resort was discovered by hunters who were chasing the wounded deer. They saw that within a certain territory, everything was covered with white salt and the stones had a trace of rust. On the other hand, shepherds noticed that the grass was always green, the snow melted very fast, and the soil quickly dried after the rain. They thought it was a miraculous place.

As I already mentioned, the resort is surrounded by slopes and forests spanning for 60 ha of land and features numerous species of pines, fir, beech, lime, and chestnut centennial trees.

sairme resort

In reality, the reason for this was thermal, slightly sulfuric mineral water rich in nitrogen-methane that scientists discovered in the 1920s. The specimens from Sairme was sent to St. Petersburg for research and turned out that this water had completely different curing effects compared to the other mineral waters the world knew back then.

sairme resort

It took only a decade or so to officially assign Sairme the statue of a resort. The infrastructure developed, health centers were built, and the road made to link it to Bagdati. In 1945, the government started to bottle Sairme water and sell it throughout the country and abroad.

What diseases does the Sairme water cure?

Within the current territory of the resort, there are four water booths with different curative purposes. However, do note that Sairme mineral waters are good for your health in general and doesn’t matter if you have any health problems or not. They are good for the central nervous system, bones and joints, and skin diseases to name just a few.

sairme resort

Once you get to the resort, you’ll need to go to a small clinic and talk to the doctor who’s going to tell you which one to drink. These are the few of the problems that can be cured at the resort:

  • Booth #1: Gallastones –   general purposes, mild forms of chronic hepatitis, chronic cholecystitis
  • Booth #2: Metabolic disorder – saline diathesis, achrestic diabetes, arthritis, and osteochondrosis
  • Booth #3: Gastrointestinal diseases – increased or decreased acidity, ulcerative diseases, and colitis
  • Booth #4: Urethral calculi – general purposes, saline diathesis, and chronic renal disorder

Thermal bath at Sairme Resort

The spa and wellness center of Sairme resort has been recently renovated and is equipped with modern machines. It offers any kind of relaxation and rejuvenating procedure to its visitor.

sairme resort

There’s an indoor and outdoor pool, a salt room that is beneficial for cleaning your lungs, wet and dry sauna, and several rooms used for curative procedures. All of those procedures are done with thermal waters, while both pools are filled with natural, 41 C thermal water. The prices for each procedure are quite affordable and ranges between 15-40₾.

sairme resort

Hotels in Sairme, Georgia

Sairme resort boasts with international standard hotels, guest houses, and budget-friendly accommodation. Therefore, the resort definitely suits everyone’s pocket.

Sairme Hotels & Resorts

Sairme Hotels & Resorts is a relatively new renovated old Soviet sanatorium which corresponds to all standards of a 4-star hotel. It is located right in the central park of the townlet. The venue features comfortable rooms, lobby area, and a tranquil environment. Each room of the hotel has a balcony with a view of the surrounding forest and the park.

sairme resort

You can easily walk to these four water booths from here, sit at one of the benches of the park to unwind or admire the street art done by local artists that adorn the area.

There are daily service buses of the hotel that takes you to the spa and wellness center located around 4km from it.

sairme resort

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Best Western Sairme Resort

The hotel is a new addition to the area and is located very close to the spa and wellness center. Similar to Sairme Hotels & Resorts, Best Western Sairme Resort is a 4-star hotel featuring modern design, comfortable furniture, and a terrace to name a few.

sairme resort

Compared to the other hotel, rooms here, along with all the necessary items, have a kettle, Additionally, the lobby has a water dispenser of those four Sairme spring glasses of water at your disposal.

sairme resort

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Imereti Hotel

This hotel is the most budget-friendly accommodation option at Sairme resort apart from private guesthouses. However, the standards and the infrastructure are the same as in the old hay day of Sairme.

sairme resort

The prices at Imereti for all seasons ranges between 50-65₾ per night per person. However, do note that the hotel is closed from October till May.

What’s the benefit of staying at one of those hotels?

All three hotels are under one management and company, therefore staying at one of them gives loads of benefits to its visitors. Firstly, you get a free consultation at the clinic to start your ‘treatment’ procedures. Secondly, the price includes three meals a day, even in the Imereti hotel. The management concentrates on delivering healthy meals prepared with fresh local products; what I loved the most was that the bread and pastries were yeast-free. Thirdly, you can unwind at the outdoor pool free of charge all day long.

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For families coming with kids, the trained staff is willing to take care of them all day long while you relax and get those procedures.

It’s not all about the spa though

Usually, when I visit such resorts in Georgia, due to underdeveloped infrastructure, there are not so many activities to do. Luckily, Sairme resort is one of the exceptions where you can get a bit of a physical exercise and adrenaline rush.

Small video of my zipline experience

There is a modern, well-secured 800-meter long zip line that starts from the mountains and ends in the park. The cost of the activity is 50₾, but it should be noted that the zip line is divided into two parts, so if you want to do only one, you can pay 30₾. However, I would highly recommend doing them both, it’s much more fun to ‘fly’ over pine and fir forests and then over the roof of the hotel to end up in the park!

sairme resort

For those willing to overcome a challenge, try the rope city located right next to the spa and wellness center. The cost for one hour is 20₾. The rope city has two floors, from which the upper one is more advanced and hard. I only went through the first floor and was more than enough for me to get my muscles moving.

sairme resort

And last but not least, a bit far away from all the hotels, there’s a compact sporting area where you can master clay pigeon shooting. The price for one bullet is 2₾.

If interested in any of those activities, all you need to do is ask at the reception of each hotel. They will be happy to provide you with transport and trained staff.

What else is there?

sairme resort

Every day, there is a live music event at Sairme Hotels & Resorts and Best Western Sairme Resort to keep you entertained in the evenings. Moreover, there’s a supermarket, a souvenir shop, bakery, and a restaurant within the park’s territory, so I assure you won’t be bored here.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments down below, or connect with me on my social media channels. I will be happy to assist you as much as possible.

Happy Travels! 

I was part of the press-trip organized by Sairme Hotels & Resorts, but all the opinions here are my own 

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