Trip Planning Made Easy: Sygic Travel App [Review]

There are tons of apps to help you with planning your travels to a new destination. Even though I like to do all my planning sitting by the computer, sometimes mobile apps are more convenient as it features everything you need to know. In this post, I will show you one of my new discoveries – Sygic Travel App, which will not only show you all the important locations of the new destination but also help you out with your travel itinerary. And the beauty of the app is that you can do everything on the desktop too.

Why download Sygic Travel App

Sygic Travel App is available for Android and iOS smartphones and comes with free and premium features. The app shows all the best tourist attractions, information about the city and the country pulled from Wikivoyage, museums, shopping places, bus stops, restaurants, and many more. Moreover, you can create trips by adding a spot you want to visit and download an offline map of the area, so you can easily navigate through the city. So, basically, everything you need for your comfortable travel is in this app.

Free version features of the Sygic Travel App

First of all, to use all of its features, you’ll need to create an account in order to backup the trip and sync across all your devices. Once you sign in, you’ll see a couple of buttons below – search, guide, tours, hotels, and trip.

The app will use your location to determine where you are and pull the sights around you. But, if you are using the app to plan your itinerary to a new city, you can use the search and pull up the info of your destination.


Trip Planning Made Easy: Sygic Travel App [Review] 1

The search tab is very comprehensive. Besides searching for a new city, it can search for sightseeing, restaurants, shopping venues, museums, family-friendly places, bus stops or train stations, nightlife spots, outdoor and relaxation areas, and accommodations. Once you search by any of those categories, the spots start to appear on the map. And one of the great features I found is showing those attractions with images whenever it’s available.  

Every spot shown in the app, be it a restaurant, accommodation, sightseeing, or a convenient store, has three options on the top: Navigate, Favorite, and Add to Trip.


Trip Planning Made Easy: Sygic Travel App [Review] 2

In order to use the navigation feature, you’ll need to get a separate application – Sygic GPS and download the map of the country you are visiting. The Options button shows route info and options, as well as to add a waypoint or change the starting spot. The navigation works both for walking and driving. One of the great features of this navigation is that also lists the places where video control takes a picture for writing you a fine. Therefore, you can easily avoid any fines on your trip.


This is self-explanatory, but I will still mention it just in case. When you find a spot you are interested in visiting, you push that heart button and the app adds it to your favorites tab. Afterward, you can easily find the place through your favorites tab.

Add to Trip

This is one of my favorite features. You create a trip to the city by putting the name and dates of your visit. Then, you add all those spots you want to visit on your trip and you have every spot in one place. Very time saving and comfortable.


Trip Planning Made Easy: Sygic Travel App [Review] 3

The guide pulls up the information about the place you are in right now or use the search bar. It lists tours offered by the companies, best guest houses within the area, and destinations around the area. It must be noted that the accommodation venues are pulled from showing the customer review, address, and a short description of the place along with the image. 

For the sake of the example, I have a 20 day trip across my country – Georgia. My first stop on this trip would be Gori. As the city is quite small with limited sightseeing options, consequently, the guide is not packed with attractions either.


Trip Planning Made Easy: Sygic Travel App [Review] 4

The tours tab shows tours offered by various companies operating in the location you chose. This is a great option for those who are short on time or want to experience something unique. The list shows the price, duration, and customer reviews. Once you choose the tour you are interested in, it will direct you to a booking page where you’ll find all the important information about it, including the availability, highlights, full description, what the tour includes, and where’s the meeting point. 


Trip Planning Made Easy: Sygic Travel App [Review] 5

Similar to the tours tab, this lists accommodation options within the city. You can filter those according to lodging type, stars, review score, and amenities offered at the place. Once you choose the hotel that best fits your expectations, the app directs you to a separate tab that shows the location, navigation, information, and score.


Here, you can create your upcoming trip by putting the place you are going to. Once you put the dates of your vacation, you can start adding spots to your trip as I mentioned above. Moreover, you can add notes, change the name of the trip, invite participants of your trip so that they can also contribute to trip planning, change the dates, and share on your social media channels.

Drawbacks of the Free Sygic Travel App

Sadly, the free version comes with limited features. For instance, downloading maps for offline use is not available. Additionally, when you search for sightseeing, the information about the spot is also not available for free package users. However, you can still use navigation and other features mentioned above.

Sygic Travel Premium Features

The premium package costs only $9.99 for lifetime use. For this small amount of money, you can full features of the app that is not available in a free version including the information of the spot you’d like to visit, using offline maps, or add a picture to an attraction to make it more convenient for other travelers too. Moreover, you can review the place and see the feedback from other travelers.


  1. This app is so cool. Didn’t know about it. Thanks so much for sharing all the detailed information. Will check it out asap 🙂

  2. This app sounds perfect for my travels. I particularly like the Guide feature 🙂 I prefer to use free apps but I think the $9.99 one-time fee is a great deal for everything you’d have access to!

  3. What a neat app. This is perfect for travel planning. My favorite feature is the Guide. I do love easily knowing what’s around me when I’m in a new city. Will check this app further.

  4. Looks cool. Off to do some exploring in Greece next week so might look into the paid version.

  5. I love a good travel app and wouldn’t mind paying for it. Offline maps are so incredibly useful and I love that it has little pictures – I always get confused when it is just icons so a picture is great for people like me 😉

  6. I have been using Sygic for a while now and I must admit that it’s the best travel app so far, Baia. I warmly recommend it to anyone who wants to explore a new place without worrying too much!

  7. I wanted to download this on my tablet. I have too many apps on my phone. Unfortunately, it didn’t work on the tablet. 🙁

  8. Oh cool! I’m always looking for new travel apps to make traveling easier so I’ll definitely check this one out

  9. Wow, this is really cool and I hadn’t heard of it before. I will have to give it a go soon!

    1. Oh, thank you, Den! I’ll look into it. If you are looking for another travel app, I recommend GPSmyCity, where blog posts are turned into travel guides. You can even find some of my posts in there too.

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